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Events for May 19, 2017

in 3rd Infantry Division

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----- Friday Night Fight
By LTC J.LaFlash


Friday Night Fight is a TvT event hosted by Bravo Company in Arma 3. The entire night is dedicated to adversarial games. Multiple Arma groups participate with player counts averaging 80 players. These events are available to tactical realism groups as well as milsim and are invite only. If you’re looking for a good fight with good people then contact us and come check it out.



Q: When do you play?

A: We play Fridays starting at 7:30pm EST. (must be on prior to this time to be in First mission)

Q: Can we play together with the people and procedures we are familiar with?

A: Yes, groups are welcome to play together on their respective side and coordinate with the other teams on their side to achieve their goals. However, mixing and integrating with other groups is also welcome.

Q: What mods are required?

A: CBA | TFAR | AiA TP | KMNP. This is to make it easy and accessible for most communities to participate. No other mods are permitted to ensure a level playing field for all involved. (Note: the only mod that the 3rdID doesn't have as a standard mod to be in the unit is the KMNP, everything else is in our Arma 3 Sync Repo)


Any and all soldiers that wish to join in on this fun are to be on the 3rd Infantry Division Teamspeak - Friday Night Fight Channel at about 1845-1900. We will going over to the Fight Night Fight Teamspeak (open a new tab) in force @ 1900-1910 EST.

Friday Night Fight Teamspeak IP: - Password: bc

Be sure to be in RNK FI.LASTNAME. Once in you'll be assign a 3rdID user group.


This is not a mandatory weekly event but it is encouraged that you attend when you can!

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