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My gaming set-up


My gaming set-up

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    M. Lafontaine
    Sep 17 2016 10:20 PM

    Fisher, this is the second time you have criticised my monitor, it works, that's all I need.


     For real, a wide monitor is like sex. You can't know how it feels until you tried it and then you will never want to stop using it.


    This is legit 100 times better than what you currently have, and it will help improve your flight by providing a wider field of view, hence giving you "more" to see. http://tinyurl.com/h8mqufl


    Plus it's relatively cheap. I mean you are bottenecking yourself with a small squared monitor if you are using trackIR. I would seriously consider an upgrade.

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    Just saying man I know some pretty decent 1080p monitors for around 100 dollars.


    Also is that a HOTAS Thrustmaster

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