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Tactical Radio Communications Plan

All soldiers must abide by this SOP during official operations and unit sanctioned functions.

Radio Channels and Zone Groups
Company 30        
                  Fireteam 1 Fireteam 2 Fireteam "X"
First Platoon 31        
First Squad 110 111 112 113 11X
Second Squad 120 121 122 123 12X
Third Squad 130 131 132 133 13X
"X" Squad 1X0 1X1 1X2 1X3 1XX
Second Platoon 32        
First Squad 210 211 212 213 21X
Second Squad 220 221 222 223 22X
Third Squad 230 231 232 233 23X
"X" Squad 2X0 2X1 2X2 2X3 2XX
Avation 60 77      
Convoy 40 41 42    

Radios By Position
  • Platoon Staff AN/PRC-152
  • Squad Leader AN/PRC-152 + RT-1523G[ASIP] (Backpack)
  • FireTeam Leader AN/PRC-152
  • FireTeam Member RF-7800S-TR
Call Sign Reference
Position Standard Example      
Platoon Leader "Platoon Name" 6 Widowmaker 6      
Platoon Sergeant "Platoon Name" 7 Widowmaker 7
Platoon RTO "Platoon Name" Romeo Widowmaker Romeo      
Platoon Medic "Platoon Name" Doc Widowmaker Doc
Squad Leader "Squad Name" Actual Reaper Actual      
Flight Commander "Detachment Name" 6 Brawler 6
Flight XO "Detachment Name" 5 Brawler 5

AN/PRC-152 Radio

The AN/PRC-152 is the standard SHORT RANGE radio utilized by Squad Leaders, Team Leaders, Riflemen, and Command/Platoon Staff in most cases.

How to set primary frequency:

  1. Open the radio by pressing the appropriate keybind. Default is CTRL + P.
  2. Press the #1 on your keyboard numpad to ensure that you are on Radio Channel 1. (Your radio should say C1 on the left).
  3. Click within the Current Frequency display as referenced in the image on the left. Select over the numbers on the right.
  4. Type to enter your desired primary frequency. Refer to the Radio Channels and Zone Groups table above to find your appropriate frequency.
  5. Press the ENT button to set the frequency.
  6. Do a radio check to make sure others can hear you on the same frequency (the default button is CAPSLOCK): "Radio check, frequency two-one-one (etc)". If others hear you, it is customary to hear back "Lima Charlie", which stands for loud and clear. Other responses could include "Good Copy" or "I Read You Five by Five."

How to set alternative frequency:
  1. With the radio open, press the #2 on your keyboard numpad. You should notice the radio go to Channel 2 (as noted by C2 in the left side of the Current Frequency window).
  2. Press the Set Additional Channel button which looks like ◄. You should see the C2 change to A2.
  3. Set your desired alternate channel. Refer to the Radio Channels and Zone Groups table above to find your desired alternate frequency. For team leaders this may be your squad net (XX0) or for Squad leaders this could be Platoon net (3X).
  4. Press the ENT button to set the frequency.
  5. Press #1 on your keyboard numpad again to go back to your primary channel.
  6. Now test your secondary radio channel by pressing the assigned key. (TFR Default is the letter T). As before, if others on the same frequency hear your communication, they will reply back "Lima Charlie" or one of the other above listed methods.
  7. Note that you can now continue to use CAPSLOCK (default) to transmit over your primary frequency, while having the ability to transmit over the alternate frequency using T (default).

Additional Notes:

RT-1523G Long Range Radio
  • The RT-1523G Long Range Radio has a similar interface to the AN/PRC-152 although it is much bigger in size.
  • Usable frequencies : 30 MHz - 87 MHz