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Alexi Yelchin/J.Sanborne - Ban Appeal

Poor Leadership

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Ban Appeal

Firstname: Alexi
Lastname: Yelchin
Current In-Game Name: Alexi Yelchin

Date of Ban: 8/24/2017
Server Ban: TeamSpeak
Ban Explanation:



On 08/24/2017 at 10:30 PM EST I was banned from the 3rdID TeamSpeak. I currently go by Alexi Yelchin, but I'm a former unit member who discharged a year ago as SPC J.Sanborne.  I was given a 7 Day Ban from the TeamSpeak by an intoxicated SGT J.Hill, because I was defending myself, and Ivan Konev ( Wolfgang Birkner), from SPC J.Sieber, who was team killing us. The first incident Ivan was unconscious and we were working on reviving him. The SPC walked up and put him down. The next few incidents were aboard the aircraft carrier spawn. SGT J. Hill, unable to get his troops to listen to him, was trying to give a brief as Sieber was team killing other unit members. Sieber seemed to be upset pulling the, " Im a Special Forces SGT in the Army," and repeatedly team killing players on the server. Upon defending myself and Ivan, I was banned from the TeamSpeak. This all went on as MSG Jackman watched. Upon being banned I asked Jackman why I was banned, he responded with "Not my problem." 


It's important to note that Ivan and I were wearing Russian VMF uniforms. However, this is insignificant due to the fact that we were team killing multiple times aboard the contained carrier spawn.


As a former unit member I know that this is not the level of professionalism that the 3rd ID recreates. In the company of multiple privates an NCO and a SPC failed to uphold the standard that the 3rdID has set in place. Hopefully this is a contained incident and my report will give the command staff an opportunity to rectify poor leadership in the presence of public members, as well as new members of the unit. 



Thank You.





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Just so i don't have to type it again..


Let's not hide some facts here. I told my guys on the carrier to stop their shit. They did and you guys kept engaging after I made it clear over radio and yelling voice that the shit was to stop and we were gonna plan a mission. They responded to a threat. I was TK'd by one of you two when I was alt-tabbed AFTER i said to stop. On top of that, there were multiple instances of you saying negative shit about the 3rdID and our leadership that I personally heard and watched/listened to you say.

"Our unit is fake and bullshit" i believe is the words I heard come out of your mouth.

CPT A.Cantu

CPT A.Cantu


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Under review.


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