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America's Army Update released - 26JUL2018

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The Developors of our longest running supported game "America's Army" has released an update this past week.  Coming only 3 months past the last update in April 2018 when they released the new map of "Uptown" and a redesign of Downtown. This update the RPG-7 V2 has been added to select maps; a devastating anti-personnel weapon with a large fragmentation radius. It is a single shot weapon and is automatically dropped once fired. The RPG-7 has a minimum safe arming distance of ten meters; the round will not detonate if it does not travel at least ten meters. Beware the back blast as it will injure, or even kill, those directly behind when fired.



Two new RPG-themed Steam achievements have been added: “I meant to do that!” (Kill an enemy with the RPG back blast) and “R-Three-G” (Get three kills with a single RPG blast). Stats related to the RPG are tracked and will be added to player profiles on the webpage soon after release.

It is available as an in-world pickup on selected maps only; it will never appear in the deploy menu. As a server owner we do have the ability to turn off the RPG from our server if we so wish which is a nice feature to have control over! 


One or more RPGs can be found on the following maps:

  • PS4
    • Homestead
    • Uptown
    • Intercept
  • PC
    • BDX
      • Bridge EX
      • Intercept C4/EX
      • SpringStreet EX/VIP
      • Watchdog C4
    • FLO
      • Bridge EX
      • BridgeNight EX
      • ColdFront C4/EX/VIP
      • Downtown EX
      • Homestead C4/VIP
      • InsurgentCamp AC
      • Intercept EX/C4/VIP
      • Overload C4/VIP
      • Sandstorm TH
      • Slumps VIP/TH
      • Uptown EX/VIP
      • Watchdog AC

 More update notes:


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