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Promotion Ceremony | 4 June

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May has come and gone and we are progressing smoothly. 3rd Infantry Division has completed multiple training missions with success as we are near the end through Operation Bright Star. We have multiple classes coming in the next month (Ranger School, ALC, etc) Check the training forum for signups and more information. We grow more and more with each passing day as we recruit more and more soldiers. We, as a unit, need to be accountable with mustering in and placing TPRs when we will not be there. Let's work on getting things back up to the high standards we are expected to be at! Next ceremony will be on the 9th of July, it is being pushed back due to the holiday. Don't forgot about our annual anniversary pub-a-thon on July 4th!



The promotions and awards are as follows;

Recruit Advancements for the Month of June:


Private Trainee Pinsonat

Private Second Class Stubbs 




Private Second Class Barsan promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class L.Anderson promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class B.Ray promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class A.Bluzie promoted to Private First Class.





Private First Class P.Fransson promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class J.Jrifat promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class R.Mori promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class J.Franc promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class L.Lambert promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class J.McCombs promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class K.Shrout promoted to Specialist.





Specialist I.Steacie promoted to Corporal.

Specialist W.Fives promoted to Corporal.

Specialist T.Coffman promoted to Corporal.





Corporal K.Grigorov promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal V.Septim promoted to Sergeant.


Corporal J.Hill promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal M.O'Hara promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal B.Boville promoted to Sergeant.






Sergeant D.Shade promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Sergeant H.Coy promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Sergeant N.Primrose promoted to Staff Sergeant.





Staff Sergeant J.Drake promoted to Sergeant First Class.





Sergeant First Class E.Hermanson promoted to Officer Candidate.




NCO Development Ribbion, NCODEV


Staff Sergeant H.Coy

Staff Sergeant N.Primrose

Sergeant L.Church

Sergeant D.Merrow

Sergeant V.Septim

Corporal D.Hobaugh

Corporal J.Mott

Corporal J.Young

Sergeant K.Grigorov

Specialist G.Ancheta

Specialist M.Benitez

Specialist Gureyev

Specialist R.Mellott

Sergeant B.Boville

Specialist C.Murdoch




Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM


Sergeant First Class D.Jackman

Corporal C.Murdoch

Specialist M.Benitez

Private First Class B.Ray

Private Second Class T.Young




Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, GWOTSM


Private Second Class J.Monahan

Private Second Class K.Stubbs




Humanitarian Service Medal, HSM


Sergeant First Class J.Johnson




Global War on Terriorism Expeditionary Medal, GWOTEM


First Sergeant R.Wendt




National Defense Service Medal, NDSM


Specialist J.McCombs

Private First Class R.Payne

Private Trainee G.Rea

Private Trainee N.Cherryholmes




Good Conduct Medal, GCM


First Lieutenant T.Worrall

First Lieutenant Q.Simmons

Second Lieutenant D.Hardy

First Sergeant R.Wendt

Sergeant First Class A.Crasci

Sergeant First Class J.Johnson

Sergeant J.Keyes

Sergeant V.Septim

Sergeant M.O'Hara

Sergeant H.Lipnitz

Corporal J.Mott

Corporal A.Davis

Corporal D.Hobaugh

Corporal J.Millner

Corporal M.Murakami

Corporal J.LaFlash

Specialist Z.Flint

Specialist H.Strickland

Specialist J.Jrifat

Private First Class D.Hayes

Private First Class L.Andersen




Army Achievement Medal, AAM


Sergeant P.Grewal

Corporal J.Mott

Specialist A.Garab




Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM


Second Lieutenant D.Hardy

Staff Sergeant N.Primrose

Staff Sergeant J.Rizzo

Corporal M.Gregoire

Corporal J.Mott

Specialist J.Bitar

Specialist A.Garab




Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM


First Lieutenant T.Worrall

First Leuitenant D.Cantu

Corporal W.Fives




Army Commendation Medal, ACM


Officer Candidate E.Hermanson

Sergeant D.Merrow




Armed Forces Service Medal, AFSM


Corporal M.Gregoire




Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, AFEM


Major J.LaFlash

First Lieutenant T.Worrall

First Leuitenant Q.Simmons

Staff Sergeant M.Lafontaine

Corporal M.Gregoire

Retired A.Barrows

Specialist Grewal




Meritorious Service Medal, MSM


First Lieutenant T.Worrall


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