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Toggle %s Airborne School - Class 17-10(ArmA 3)

Posted By:  SGT W.Fives @ Today, 08:17 AM




The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as "Jump Wings" or "Silver Wings" is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces awarded to members awarded to U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.

Congratulations to the class of 17-10 (Arma 3) for completing Airborne School in conjunction with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Soldiers who have completed the school for the first time have been awarded their Basic Parachutist Badge. Great job to everyone who attended. Hooah!



LTC.pngLieutenant Colonel John LaFlashrwFMvXF.png

CPT.pngCaptain Arthur CanturwFMvXF.png

1LT.pngFirst Lieutenant Daniel HardyrwFMvXF.png

SGT.pngSergeant Angie BeerwFMvXF.png

SGT.pngSergeant Wolffe FivesrwFMvXF.png

SGT.pngSergeant Vikku SeptimrwFMvXF.png

SGT.pngSergeant Andrew GarabrwFMvXF.png

CPL.pngCorporal Guillermo AnchetarwFMvXF.png

CPL.pngCorporal Lukas AndersenrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Marc DupuisrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Isaiah McCallrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Simon RileyrwFMvXF.png

PFC.pngPrivate First Class Peter CharboneaurwFMvXF.png

PFC.pngPrivate First Class Mitchell ConleyrwFMvXF.png

PFC.pngPrivate First Class Jamie ShawrwFMvXF.png

PFC.pngPrivate First Class Nicholas UdeanurwFMvXF.png

PV2.pngPrivate Second Class Frederik WilsonrwFMvXF.png

WOC.pngWarrant Officer Candidate Sam RetchrwFMvXF.png


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Toggle %s Airborne School - Class 17-10(AAPG)

Posted By:  SGT W.Fives @ Yesterday, 04:26 AM



The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as "Jump Wings" or "Silver Wings" is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces awarded to members awarded to U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.

Congratulations to the class of 17-10 (AAPG) for completing Airborne School. Soldiers who have completed the school for the first time have been awarded their Basic Parachutist Badge. Great job to everyone who attended. Hooah!



CPT.pngCaptain Arthur CanturwFMvXF.png

1SG.pngFirst Sergeant Randell WendtrwFMvXF.png

SSG.pngStaff Sergeant Joseph RizzorwFMvXF.png

SGT.pngSergeant Jacob MilnerrwFMvXF.png

CPL.pngCorporal Jared McCombsrwFMvXF.png

CPL.pngCorporal Kevin StubbsrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Kevin ChandlerrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Sacha CanningrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist William EllisrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Ethan VerheinrwFMvXF.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Michael WhiterwFMvXF.png

OCS.pngOfficer Candidate Jasmine JohnsonrwFMvXF.png

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Toggle %s U.S Navy (USN) Birthday

Posted By:  SPC D.McKenzie @ October 13, 2017 - 02:25 AM



The 3rd Infantry Division would like to thank all Naval service members and wish them and their families a happy birthday.

Today marks the Navy's 242nd birthday, born on October 13th, 1775, with the Father of the Navy, Captain John Paul Jones and the first Naval vessel of the United States, the USS Ranger.

Thank you all who have served in the U.S. Navy, and happy birthday!

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Toggle %s Newsletter - October 2017

Posted By:  OCS J.Johnson @ October 10, 2017 - 12:17 AM


Public Affairs Office is proud to release the final Newsletter of 2017!


Inside you will find info on the current Operation Freedom's Sentinel the announcement of the Soldier of the Quarter, Screenshots of the Month, 3rdID History and Current Events, as well as messages from the Battalion and Company Commanders.


Click here to download.

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Toggle %s Columbus Day 2017

Posted By:  SPC D.McKenzie @ October 09, 2017 - 09:19 AM



The 3rd Infantry Division would like to wish everyone a happy Columbus day.

Today we celebrate and honor the historic adventure of when Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain

with the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and the Nina to discover the Americas.

Enjoy your day Soldiers, Hooah!

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Toggle %s Promotion Ceremony | 1 Oct

Posted By:  OCS J.Johnson @ October 03, 2017 - 11:15 AM


2LT E.Hermanson - 2 Years - October 17
CW2 B.Ahles- 5 Years - October  10th
SSG J.Keyes - 1 Year - October 15
SSG J.Rizzo - 2 Years - October 8th
SGT A. Garab - 1 Year- October 13th
SGT K.Grigorov - 1 Year - October 29th
SPC N.Abata - 1 Year - October 10th
SPC M.Baldwin - 3 Years - October 6th
SPC K.Coffey - 2 Years- October 30th
SPC V.Hyvarinen - 2 Years - October 24
SPC B.Perez - 2 Years - October 25



September has come and gone and we are progressing smoothly. 3rd Infantry Division has just started their progress into Operation Freedom Sentinel. We grow more and more with each passing day as we recruit more and more soldiers. We, as a unit, need to be accountable with mustering in and placing TPRs when we will not be there. Let's work on getting things back up to the high standards we are expected to be at!





The promotions and awards are as follows;





Private Second Class Charboneau promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Conley promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Hernandez promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Cartwright promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Hines promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Cody promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Udeanu promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class Murphy promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class J.Fortune promoted to Private First Class.

Private Second Class B.Garcia promoted to Private First Class.






Private First Class Riley promoted to Specialist.

Private First Class Polen promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Pearson promoted to Specialist

Private First Class O'Connor promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Giordano promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Olivares promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Sensemann promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Castanon promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Garza promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Wiggs promoted to Specialist

Private First Class Kelly promoted to Specialist

Private First Class May promoted to Specialist

Private First Class D.Kane promoted to Specialist

Private First Class E.Verhein promoted to Specialist

Private First Class P.Chandler promoted to Specialist







Specialist L.James promoted to Corporal.

Specialist Hyvarinen promoted to Corporal.

Specialist Bacoon promoted to Corporal.

Specialist K.Stubbs promoted to Corporal.





Corporal Garab promoted to Sergeant.

Corporal Schwabenbauer promoted to Sergeant





Sergeant J.Hill promoted to Staff Sergeant.





NCO Development Ribbion, NCODEV


Sergeant P.Fransson

Sergeant S.Schwabenbauer

Warrant Officer Candidate J.Lancaster

Corporal T.Bacoon

Corporal B.Langford

Corporal J.McCombs

Corporal J.Anderson

Corporal L.Fitch

Corporal D.Hayes

Corporal J.Jrifat

Corporal K.Stubbs

Specialist M.White

Specialist M.Cook

Specialist E.Michev

Specialist S.Peterman

Specialist A.Zvik




Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM


Specialst P.Chandler

Private First Class P.Charboneau




Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, GWOTSM


Specialist C.Laferierre

Specialist K.Chandler




Humanitarian Service Medal, HSM


Sergeant H.Coy

Corporal J.McCombs

Specialist H.Giordano




Global War on Terriorism Expeditionary Medal, GWOTEM


First Sergeant R.Wendt




National Defense Service Medal, NDSM


Private First Class Natwick

Private First Class Nystrom



Good Conduct Medal, GCM


Second Lieutenant E.Hermanson

Staff Sergeant B.Boville

Staff Sergeant Lafontaine

Sergeant R.Mellot

Corporal H.Strickland

Corporal L.Lambert

Corporal B.Langford

Corporal J.Anderson

Corporal L.Fitch

Corporal I.Steacie

Corporal Bacoon

Corporal G.Ancheta

Corporal M.Benitez

Specialist C.Johnson

Specialist A.Zvik

Specialist S.Kelly

Specialist E.Michev

Specialist N.Garza

Specialist S.Peterman

Specialist Pearson

Specialist O.Olivares

Specialist D.Diicmanis

Specialist Castanon

Specialist J.Ruan

Specialst Stone

Specialist Giordano

Specialist S.Canning

Specialist M.Baldwin

Specialist L.Early

Specialist D.Kane

Specialist K.Chandler

Specialist S.Riley

Specialist Theriault

Private First Class D.Kim

Private First Class M.Conley




Army Achievement Medal, AAM


Staff Sergeant N.Primrose

Staff Sergeant J.Rizzo

Sergeant W.Fives

Sergeant J.Millner

Sergeant C.Murdoch

Sergeant J.LaFlash

Corporal L.Lambert

Corporal B.Langford

Specialist M.Baldwin

Specialist P.Chandler

Specialist D.O'Connor

Private First Class Hines




Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM


Captain A.Cantu

Staff Sergeant J.Hill

Sergeant S.Schwabenbauer

Sergeant Rhodes

Corporal S.Sieber

Corporal K.Stubbs

Specialist D.O'Connor

Private First Class M.Stone




Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM


Sergeant C.Murdoch

Sergeant J.LaFlash

Sergeant J.Mott

Sergeant W.Fives




Army Commendation Medal, ACM


First Lieutenant D.Hardy

Second Lieutenant E.Hermanson

First Sergeant E.Gilmore

Staff Sergeant Lafontaine

Staff Sergeant J.Keyes

Sergeant W.Fives




Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, AFEM


Staff Sergeant J.Rizzo

Sergeant W.Fives

Specialist M.Baldwin

Specialist K.Coffey

Specialist Abata

Specialist D.Diicmanis




Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB 2


Specialist N.Abata



Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB 3


Officer Candidate J.Johnson

Corporal H.Strickland



3rd Infantry Division Unit Patch


Officer Candidtate J.Johnson

Corporal H.Strickland

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Toggle %s Warrior Leader Course - Class 17-09

Posted By:  SGT W.Fives @ September 19, 2017 - 07:55 PM





NCO's are the backbone of the unit and the Army. The Warrior Leadership Course is a two day event that helps prepare soldiers to take up the role of NCO, giving them the tools needed to be effective leaders. Candidates are those Specialists and Corporals who have shown the potential and drive to be solid leaders of fireteams as well as opening the opportunity for advance to Sergeant and beyond.



Graduates are also eligible to be awarded the NCO Professional Development Ribbon, which shall be awarded pending approval of the Company Commander.



SGT.pngSergeant Peter Fransson ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal James Anderson ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal Luis Fitch ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal Dylan Hayes ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal Jeroen Jrifat ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal Brandon Langford ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal Jared McCombs ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

CPL.pngCorporal Steve Schwabenbauer ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Toby Bacoon ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Matthew Cook ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist James Lancaster ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Emil Michev ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Sean Peterman ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Kevin Stubbs ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Michael White ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

SPC.pngSpecialist Afik Zvik ncodev%20ribbon%2024x24.png

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Toggle %s OSUT Class 17-65

Posted By:  CPL L.James @ September 12, 2017 - 07:31 PM


Congratulations to the soldiers of AIT class 17-65 (Arma 3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be full active members of their squad and the division! This is merely the first step in your career here in the 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah!



PFC.png Private First Class Mason Berdeaux h8iGdOH.jpgevH80I3.jpg

PFC.png Private First Class Jamie Shaw h8iGdOH.jpgevH80I3.jpg

PV2.png Private Second Class Tyler Cody h8iGdOH.jpgFrgM0IT.jpg

PV2.png Private Second Class Case Reichardt h8iGdOH.jpg8mqd1Ch.jpg

PV2.png Private Second Class Sam Retch h8iGdOH.jpgFrgM0IT.jpg

PV2.png Private Second Class Nicholas Udeanu h8iGdOH.jpgFrgM0IT.jpg

PV2.png Private Second Class Floyd Wilkinson h8iGdOH.jpgevH80I3.jpg



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