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    23 February 2019 18:00      20:00

    Command staff is holding a Warrior Leader Course for all qualified Specialists, Corporals and Sergeants.
    This is a two day course, attendance on both days is required.
    If you are unable to attend all days for a valid reason but still wish to participate, please contact CPT A.Cantu directly.)
         Day 1 Saturday  February 23nd 2019 1300 EST (1pm) - 1500 EST (3pm)
         Day 2 Sunday    February 24th 2019 1200 EST (12pm) - 1400 EST (2pm)
    Every soldier that is qualified to take this course must have taken and passed the WLC Entrance Exam.  
    Your response will be recorded and Command Staff will look it over.
    Watch the pre-exam videos in the WLC channel of TS prior to taking the exam.
    Once received and graded your name will be posted as a comment if you're qualified for WLC.
    Tests are due by 2359 EST (11:59 pm) on 22FEB2019 . No Late tests will be accepted!
    Once you have completed the test, you must RSVP to this calendar event.
    The test is found below within the first comment. If you took the test for the previously postponed class, you do not need to take it again.
    Be prepared for classes to last 2-3 hours in length EACH day.
    Rank of E-4 (Specialist/Corporal)
    Time In Service 2 months Minimum
    Recommended by First Line Leader
    Can make predetermined class times

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