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      14 September 2023 23:30

      NATO forces have held the island of Altis for the last four months and have built a sizeable defensive force there. This build up of forces is a serious concern of the leaders of the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty. CSAT leadership has ordered something be done about the island. CSAT Supreme Military Commander Xu Haifeng took a personal interest in this operation, and has ordered two Viper teams ahead of the main invasion force to soften up coastal and naval defenses in the Gulf of Pyrgos. Once the defenses' have been cleared the the 24th Mechanized Division will begin its amphibious and air assault along the southern coastline. 
      Viper 1 has been tasked with disabling the weapon and guidance systems on two NATO Destroyers in the Gulf as well as any coastal Air and Ground defenses on the western peninsula 
      OBJ Blackout - two NATO Destroyers are anchored in the Gulf and must be dealt with before pushing onto the Island itself OBJ Dragon - A MIM-145 Defender Surface-Air-Missile system as well as a AN/MPQ-105 radar stationed at a forward operating base that is keeping our air assets grounded OBJ Apex - A FOB that has artillery pieces that could jeopardize any amphibious assault on the south of the island  they must be taken out Communication:
      Viper 1 short range squad frequency - 160
      Viper command net - 175 
       General information:
      This will be a vanilla ARMA 3 operation. With that being said your ability to carry certain equipment and items has been greatly reduced.
      You may tweak and change certain aspects of the loadouts you are given within the scope of issued CSAT gear
      Communication and tracking equipment will still be the standard TFAR152 Radios and Rugged tablet or Daggr
      There will be more than one mission during this campaign and what you do and how you progress through the missions will carry over into the next operation. 
      Your choices and actions have consequences whether they be good or bad. 
      Best of luck to all that attend 

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