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      06 September 2023

      Pre deployment information: There's a big civil war on Altis+Stratis. People are rebelling against the government because of harsh treatment of civilians and generally unpopular policies. Lots of conflict going on between the FIA (rebels) and the AAF (pro-government forces). Eventually the two sides agree to a cease fire after international mediation. AAF is reformed under NATO's XVIII Airborne Corps under U.S. Army Forces Command. NATO will take on peacekeeping activities on the two islands and try to oversee and teach the AAF how to properly run their military.
      Many months have gone by, with the deployment coming to an end, and CSAT moving into the picture, the 3ID station on Stratis is to move all personnel and equipment to Italy for redeployment back to Fort Stewart. 
      As it stands at the current moment over 80% of equipment and personal have been redeployed.
      Tensions are High between NATO peacekeepers and AAF forces after multiple human rights Violation on the island on Altis committed by the AAF.
      For a cool intro please watch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=312X0EwAuOQ

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