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  • Operation DrawBridge


    Event details

    Operation DrawBridge

    1: Mission Summary:

    Now that the major Airfield to the West and the Major City to the East are secured, it is up to War Eagles to participate in a joint attack across the major River running East to West in the AO. There are a total of three major bridge crossings along the Cipice River in our AO and we must secure at least one of them. Once the river crossing is secured War Eagles will need to push north and secure the major towns of Rabi and Budetice to ensure enemy forces do not consolidate power for a counter attack.

    2: Enemy Situation (Area of Interest):

    Pori BDE: The Pori BDE has had multiple months to develop defenses within the AO. This area is templated to be heavily fortified all throughout the region and the Pori BDE has been distributed all throughout the AO. Currently the Pori BDE has two organic CV9030 Mechanized BN’s, one attached 24A Tank BN, and one PATGB 360 Motorized BN as their main forces. Additionally they have one Artillery BN (two Batteries of Mobile Howitzers, one Battery of towed Howitzer, and one Battery of Rocket Artillery), one Recon SQDN (three Troops of BRDM-2’s and one Troop of AT BRDM-2’s), one ADA BN (two Batteries of LVKV-90s, one Battery of ZSU-23-4s, one Battery of AA TMs, and one Battery of Towed SAMs), and one SQDN of Air Attack Helicopters (One Troop of Recon, Two Troops of Attack, one Troop of Transport, and one Troop of sUAS). This BDE has extensively been trained by NATO forces in the past on western tactics, so expect their forces to act closer to passive reconnaissance, move and strike tactics and precision fires.

    1st Satakunta Jaegers: This BN was pushed out of the City of Susice with less effort then expected. We anticipate their new tasking is to hold the Swedish forces along the riverfront north of the City to delay coalition forces as they BN reconsolidates combat power.

    95th Satakunta Jaegers: Currently this BN is tasked with holding the river line near the town of Cepice. They have lost a company to the south of the river. Currently we believe they will heavily fortify the river front and bridge crossings along the Cepice River with their reserves to be held in the towns of Rabi and Budetice.

    4th Karelia BN: Currently this BN lost their defense of the major Airfield in the South west and have retrograded to the North on a military installation. We believe a majority of their forces will be set for major defensive operations around the military base and valley to its wet.

    3rd Pori BN: Currently this BN is considered the reserve of the BDE. Their are tasked to provide combat support in any avenue of approach coalition forces make the most ground in. They have done a great job staying dispersed and have been seen training QRF drills in the AO. Expect them to arrive to any location they are needed within 15 minutes of being called.
    The 8th ADA BN and Pori Artillery BN have split their forces up among the maneuver BN’s. That is where we template their current BN’s are at.

    13th Air Attack SQDN: Currently they are supporting all maneuver BN’s from the north east Airfield near the BDE HQ. We anticipate their response time is roughly 5-10 minutes of being called into the fight.
    Wagner: Wagner forces have shown they are in the area and active in support of the Finnish military. We anticipate them to use light technicals and act as advanced reconnaissance elements. Additionally they may conduct various ambushes as well to help attrite Coalition forces to give Finnish forces more of an upper hand on the Battlefield.


    3: Enemy situation (Area of Operation):

    95th Satakunta Jaeger BN: This BN has two CV9030 Companies, one PATGB 360 Company, one Reconnaissance Troop, one Mobile Howitzer Battery, one ADA Battery, and one Air Attack Troop in their task organization. They have split their Artillery and ADA Batteries among the maneuver Troops. The Recon Troop is currently acting as the BN Reserve.

    B/ 21st Recon TRP: Currently this Troop is acting as the BN Reserve and has assumed control of the AT Platoon and two Maneuver BN’s. We anticipate their trigger to support will be the presence of enemy forces in Cernic, but that is not confirmed. We believe they are currently headquartered in Hradesice.

    A/ 95th Satakunta Jaegers: Currently this Company is tasked with the defense of the town of Vikonice and Cernic. They are deploying more and more obstacles around the towns for improved defenses. We believe they are currently headquartered in the town of Cernic.

    B/ 95th Satakunta Jaegers: This Company is tasked with delaying coalition forces along the major river running east to west in the AO. They have reinforced both sides of the river and have done a good job avoiding detection up to this point. We believe they are currently headquartered in Rabi where the town allegiance is in their favor. We also anticipate that they will have multiple elements of Wagner and Irregular forces in support of them as they carry out their defense. The addition of the Radar system is also a concern and will need to be taken out as soon as possible before extensive use of indirect fire systems by Coalition Forces.
    C/ 4th Karelia BN: This Company has been defeated almost in its entirety and is not expected to be a part of the operation going forward.

    B/13th Air Attack Troop: This Troop is tasked to support the 95th Satakunta Jaegers in their delay operations in the AO. They are organized to allow Attack helicopters, reconnaissance assets, and transportation assets. We believe they are headquartered in the north east airfield and rely of radio communications to deploy forces.
    The BN has also been supplemented with one Battery of Self Propelled Howitzers and radars and one Battery of Self Propelled ADA assets with some AA teams and sUAS. They are task organized under the maneuver troops in support of their operations.



    4: Friendly Situation (Area of Interest):

    Skaraborg Regiment: The Swedish forces are tasked pushing across the river in conjunction with 1-2IN. They are expected to see light resistance along the riverfront itself but heavy resistance in the wooded areas in their AO. 

    2BCT/ 3rd ID: The American forces are tasked to secure the Major Airfield and build combat power back up in support of their next offensive. They accrued minor losses in the past week thanks to the support of War Eagles, but before they continue their attack North they must consolidate their forces.

    1-2 IN: War Eagles Company will be in support of the attack moving north. B/1-2IN will assist the Skaraborg Regiment with their attack across the river in the West, while C/1-2IN will provide local security in the AO.


    5: Company Mission:

    War Eagles will attack to secure the Bridge crossing at OBJ Spear and Quarterstaff NLT 14 JUL 2024 IOT provide Coalition forces with the ability to cross the Cepice River. On Order, War Eagles will attack to secure OBJ Saber and Warhammer to ensure enemy forces can not consolidate combat power in the AO for a counter attack once the bridges are taken.



    6: Tasks to Subordinate Units:
    A) Widowmakers:

    • Secure Bridge crossing at OBJ Spear and Quarterstaff.
    • Secure and Clear towns at OBJ Saber and Warhammer.
    • Identify a new patrol base location for future operations north of the Cepice River

    B) Griffins:

    • Conduct an Area reconnaissance of Bridge Crossing at OBJ Spear and Quarterstaff.
    • Conduct a Screen to Delay North of the Bridge Crossings once Widowmakers moves in to secure them in anticipation of enemy reinforcements.
    • Conduct a route reconnaissance from the Bridge Crossings to OBJ Saber and Warhammer.
    • Identify and conduct a raid on the enemy Artillery Counterfire Radar in the AO/.

    C) 3CAB:

    • Provide Close Combat Aviation for Griffins and Widowmakers as they conduct offensive operations.
    • Provide an Aerial Screen to Delay along the Northern border of the AO once Widowmakers and Griffins attack OBJ Saber and Warhammer.

    7: Additional Resources:
    A) Artillery/ Mortars:

    Currently Coalition forces have a Battery of Paladins in support of Company operations for this week. They have already allocated a total of 4 fire missions in support of the operation. Additional requests will be on a case by case scenario. One Smoke is already planned by Company in support of the Bridge Crossing.

    We anticipate that more than two missions fired prior to the destruction of the enemy CounterFire Radar will lead to enemy counterfire against the Paladin Battery.

    B) Detection Assets:

    There is currently no Counterfire radars available in the AO at this time.
    There is currently an Air Detection Radar on station and in support of operations. Coalition forces have allocated us one 30 minute period in which we can activate this radar in support of our operation.

    C) Air to Surface Assets:

    There is currently no Air assets available in the AO at this time.

    8: Rules of Engagement

    Enemy uniformed personnel are free to engage within the assigned AO. Any engagements outside of the Company AO must be approved by Company leadership. No indirect fires (IDF, Aerial, and Mk19) within 250 meters of any building unless confirmed there is no civilian presence or approval from Company leadership. These restrictions are lifted on OBJ Battering Ram, OBJ Glaive, and Area Battle Axe.
    Civilian allegiance is split on the island. Some favor the Finnish Militaries recent actions while others condemn it. If you interact with civilians, attempt to obtain knowledge of town allegiances in the AO, this will allow us to identify which areas will be friendly or hostile to Coalition forces. 
    Due to limitations of supply into the region, Hellfires on drones have been limited. Only 4 hellfires are authorized for this mission.
    Due to Finnish operational level Air Defense Assets in the region, all military aircraft will be held to 1500 meters AGL or less. If they break that altitude they can be at risk of engagements from operational level Air Defense.

    9: General Instructions

    4.   2ND SQUAD, GHOST
    9.   2ND SQUAD, WIZARD



    1.  C-130 HERCULES x 2
    2.  AH-64 APACHE x 3
    3.  UH-60 BLACKHAWK x 3
    4.  CH-47F CHINOOK x 2
    5.  MQ-1 PREDATOR x 1
    9.  FIM-92 STINGERS
    10.  FGM-148 JAVELINS

    10: Special Instructions
    (a) MINE DETECTORS: Squad and Fireteam Leaders should use mine detectors at all times due to the risk of anti-personnel mines and IED.
    (b) DEFUSAL KITS: For defusing explosives noted above (Rangers only).
    (c) WIRE CUTTERS: For disassembling Concertina Wire obstacles.
    (d) DEMOLITION CHARGES: M112 Demolition Blocks for destroying enemy caches and other targets as needed (Rangers only).
    (e) FIM-92 STINGERS: For destroying enemy aircraft.
    (f) FGM-148 JAVELINS: For destroying enemy armor.

    11: Chain Of Command

    12: Coordination
    (a) GROUND-TO-AIR: FREQ LR CH 60/61/62
    (b) COMPANY NET: 152 CH 30
    (c) PLATOON NET: 152 CH 31/32
    (d) SQUAD NET: 152 CH 110/120/130/140/150/210/220
    (e) CONVOY NET: FREQ LR CH 33/34
    (f) FIRES NET: FREQ LR CH 61

    13: Intel


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