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  2. There Has Been An Update To The 3rdID Modpack Please Download at Your Earliest Convenience Updated: CBA_A3 DegaParachutes
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  4. WARRANT OFFICER PILOT JOBS (153A) OVERVIEW Warrant Officer pilots are tasked with commanding the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade fleet of helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In order to become a pilot, you must first past Warrant Officer Flight School, where you will learn to fly a variety of missions, depending on the type of aircraft in which you choose to specialize. What is a Warrant Officer? As the technical experts in the Army, warrant officers manage and maintain many of the Army’s combat systems, vehicles and networks. Once they reach the rank of chief warrant officer two, they are commissioned by the president and receive the same status as a commissioned officer. JOB DUTIES • Command and control operations during land combat on the unit level • Pilot helicopters, UAV, and fixed wing aircraft for a variety of missions • Train and counsel Soldiers on various areas of technical specialty • Command operations that combine armed companies on the battalion, brigade and division levels • Develop doctrine, organizations and equipment for a variety of missions REQUIREMENTS Those who want to serve must be an approved enlisted 3ID soldier. 1. If not a 3ID soldier, submit application with recruiting retention 1.1. Enlist here: 1.2. Inquire about Civilian to Pilot Program (CTPP) with recruiter 2. Enlisted - Personnel 2.1. Completed BCT and AIT 2.2. (CTPP – Only BCT is required) 2.2.1. CTPP enlistees must complete BCT within 2 weeks of being assigned to unit. 3. Be an active member of 3rd Infantry Division 3.1. Have never been shown AWOL 3.2. Missed more than 1 drill in a 4-week period 4. Submit a 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Application TRAINING Job training for an aviation officer requires completing aviation school, where you study rotary-winged aircrafts and basic flying skills. Some of the skills you’ll learn are: • Basic flight physics and flight systems • Emergency procedures • Flight map drawing and reading You will then begin Basic Combat Training in combat flight skills and eventually specialize in one of the following helicopters: • UH-60 Black Hawk • AH-64 Apache • CH-47 Chinook HELPFUL SKILLS • Self-discipline, confidence and intelligence • Physically and mentally fit to perform under pressure • Ability to make quick decisions • Capable of bearing numerous responsibilities AVIATION SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES Upon completion all pilots will be assigned to 3CAB which is 3ID’s premier aerial task force. Its mission is to conduct and support sensitive operations missions by penetrating hostile airspace to deliver assault teams, attack targets, or collecting important data. COME JOIN OUR TEAM!
  5. Andrews 14 JUL 1998 ARMY 22 MAR 2018
  6. CW2 Q.Morton

    UH-60M Interactive Blackhawk

    I'm keeping an eye on the process. It has not been released to the public as of yet.... anticipation is a mother...
  7. SPC D.McKenzie

    48th IBCT returns home

    Friends and Family were reunited July 1 with Soldiers from the Georgia Army National Guard’s 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, following the unit’s six-month deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom's Sentinel and NATO Operation Resolute Support. 3rd Infantry Division commander, Maj. Gen. Antonio Aguto and celebrity Chef Robert Irvine were on-hand July 1 to welcome back returning 48th IBCT Soldiers from their six-month deployment in support of NATO’s Operation Resolute Support.
  8. MAJ J.LaFlash

    CW2 Q.Morton donation of 100.00 USD

    Hooah, CW2 Q.Morton, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
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  10. CPL W.Blackwell

    UH-60M Interactive Blackhawk

    Hi Chief, How goes it on this little side project you have? Still making good progress?
  11. PFC P.Conlisk

    Steering Torwards the Future

    The difference between a PM and this forum is I am allowed to pick my audience and could fall victim to confirmation bias, or even increase the likelihood that I missed something because of "group thinking." But I hear you, which is why I want to stop this thread. Also, you are 100% right in starting small and growing into something larger, and that is exactly what this suggestion is at its core. Its not to restructure the unit, its to organize the current forces in a way to increase the number of options that our leaders have when planning activities. As far as organizing events on the week days, that has been and continues to be one of the most significant challenges of every gaming community that isnt specifically designed around week day gaming. This is a very heavy weekend community, whether that is the intention or not, it is the current state of things. The OP creates the flexibility to curve that trend, if leadership wants to. Theres two ways you can tackle increasing week day events, in my eyes; 1) Telling people to "start something, see what happens", and 2) Creating an environment that promotes AND supports week day events. I would love to have this conversation, but in the interest of coming to closure in this particular thread, we will have to deep-dive somewhere else.
  12. CPL W.Blackwell

    Steering Torwards the Future

    Well here is something we can all chew on, Saturdays and Sundays already seem crowded for ARMA. But try to find a core group and get something going for mid-week. For starters, nothing to formal but just getting together and attempt to accomplish a mission or side missions on the server. Then as turn out improves, expand upon that. Sometimes starting with small can develop into something bigger. This would also allow for informal training time for all levels or letting an up and coming FTL to actually start learning to be an FTL or for FTL's to step into Squad Lead position to begin learning. When I was saying something about using PM, I was meaning as the start of it. This way it allows for questions to certain areas to be raised that you might have unintentionally overlooked or was not aware of. That way it you have a better presentation, consider the PM as your proofreaders. Could do something up in Google Docs then send link to your select few and then set a date/time to get on TS to discuss it is also a possibility. I was just mostly trying to figure out how you could do things (well not just you but anyone who might have a possible idea that we might be interested in) so that it doesn't get shot down due to way things got conveyed.
  13. PFC P.Conlisk

    Steering Torwards the Future

    Request this suggestion be placed on hold for the time being in order to better articulate the idea in the future.
  14. PFC P.Conlisk

    Steering Torwards the Future

    I considered taking this to PM, but then you get a limited sample of opinions. I also think that we shouldnt view this suggestion as a near-term implementation. I probably could have done a better job explaining that this is a forecast of a potential opportunity to capitalize on the situation that the unit is currently in. I am not saying that the unit is in a bad spot that needs change, quite the opposite. Im saying the unit is in a great positions, and I am trying to offer an idea on what the next step forward could look like. Otherwise (obviously i dont know what the plans are) we could find ourselves sitting stagnant, opening ourselves up to potential retention issues due to either boredom or a lack of progress. Again, this is all forecasting and me trying to look 6 months down the road. Im not sure how moving this topic to a private conversation will help. If anything, it could get buried or forgotten, resulting in it just disappearing.
  15. CPL W.Blackwell

    Steering Torwards the Future

    PFC Conlisk, with things like this it might be better served in a small group PM. For starters like between Squad Leaders and Platoon Staff so that it can be discussed and fine tuned before presenting it to company staff. But start with your CoC so that you have the sounding board to help get things lined out a ready to present. When you come straight to the forums and post several layers up (ie Suggestion Box) instead of utilizing your platoon area. It might give the impression you are trying to force change when that might not be your intentions at all. I understand what you are getting at in your OP, and to a point I agree with some. The biggest problem that we run into is consistent turn out. When it is the same small group of people, it is hard to plan big fun events that where happening say like a year ago. So maybe something that will work for our current size can be looked at that can add just as much value and fun to get more active participation should be considered.
  16. PFC P.Conlisk

    Steering Torwards the Future

    Ok lets slow down a bit. I posted this because it was an idea for how the unit could progress from the current situation. I'm not suggesting reorganizing the unit, I'm not trying to put people in a position to fail due to lack of experience in the U.S. Military. I am looking forward and trying to predict opportunities for this unit to improve upon the base system that is currently established. The entire idea is how to progress and improve. This is not a suggestion for immediate implementation. I can understand how this may seem like a significant change in direction, or a super daunting suggestion, but if you take the time to internalize, analyze and then ask questions, you may find that this is not a divergence, but a synthesis of a system that is already established.. you will find that this is 1) in line with the current state of the unit, 2) consistent with most peoples assessment of the future, and 3) an easy, low cost strategy to the increase in recruitment, that is a great positive for the unit. At the end of the day, my goal is to move forward. What this suggestion provides is a path for the future, based on the baseline that you have created, rather than diverge from it. I think we should have a conversation in teamspeak (when i get back from from TDY) and clear up any confusions or misunderstanding. My idea in aimed around giving the Soldiers a better experience, opportunities to grow in a milsim environment, and encourage them to get invested into the community. My natural tendency to be brief can often lead to miscommunication, and that is something I am working on. So i would love to sit down and have a good conversation about this idea to make sure that my intent is clearly understood and successfully communicated.
  17. SPC A.Apollo

    Steering Torwards the Future

    I get what he is saying here but imo I think focusing on one plt is the go ahead right now. And in due time that 2nd/3rd squad will open and give the right people the proper placements ie FTL and squad leaders. saying this from my army POV and military POV we know what we are doing most of the time because we been down range and had the basic warrior task and drills installed into us and some people don’t even know what certain things are, because basic only overs a certain portion of it and our squad drills can cover so much more but if we throw people into let’s say a squad leader pos or even a plt sgt position they might not know certain things, to do in combat situations. yes we can train them up but if we try to force so much down the tube at once it won’t work. If we put military members in those positions it would definitely help but I think the guys here need more time and training. Also it all depends if they even want that responsibility at that time . I think diddy has a great idea for training and expanding the team into a more operating unit for stuff but in due time we can really kick in doors and stacks bodies on a company level.
  18. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Steering Torwards the Future

    I am confused on what your actually requesting here? The restructuring of the unit will not happen as we are and will always be a light infantry based styled unit. That's not an ORBAT that I will be changing under my command. PFC, I understand that you have a very extensive knowledge of military operations and administrative duties in your real life role in the military. However, the bulk of us are grunts or POGs that have served and simply do not have the knowledge you do therefore have no idea how to actually run such an organization you listed above. Infantry is what we know and the infantry structure is what we'll remain.
  19. PFC P.Conlisk

    Steering Torwards the Future

    BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Create a dynamic operating environment that provides unique leadership opportunities, and an ever-changing, unpredictable combat environment for the Soldiers, built on top of the already highly organized and established 3rd ID system. I was thinking today, about the future of the 3rd's FTX's and Operations. Currently, activities within the 3rd is limited based on a few factors: 1) Number of members, 2) Number of organizational entities, and 3) Flexibility in planning training, FTX's and operations. With the addition of recent recruits, an opportunity exists to tweak our current activities. There is rumor that a 2nd squad will be formed since ~30 people is a little too much for one squad. I propose the following organization structure, and after that, an explanation of the tweaked activities that the organizational structure will support. Organizational Manning: 1st Platoon (14 mbr) - Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant (2) 1st Squad - Squad Leader, Squad Medic (2) 1st Fire Team - FT Lead, Rifleman (AAR), Rifleman (AAT), Auto-Rifleman, Anti-Tank (5) 2nd Fire Team - FT Lead, Rifleman (AAR), Rifleman (AAT), Auto-Rifleman, Anti-Tank (5) 2nd Platoon (14 PX) - Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant (2) 1st Squad - Squad Leader, Squad Medic (2) 1st Fire Team - FT Lead, Rifleman (AAR), Rifleman (AAT), Auto-Rifleman, Anti-Tank (5) 2nd Fire Team - FT Lead, Rifleman (AAR), Rifleman (AAT), Auto-Rifleman, Anti-Tank (5) * Extra PX equally distributed through platoons based on personnel moves, needs, and expansion of the idea. Activity Tweaks: Platoon Drills - Each Saturday, the Platoon Commanders run drills, training, etc., at their discretion to address training gaps and lessons learned from previous drills, exercises, or upcoming operations. Squad Drills - At the Platoon Commanders discretion how the drills will be conducted. FTX's - Combination of events, to include 1) Platoon vs. Platoon engagements on various scenario maps. (This will remove the stress and complexity of 1 platoon leader building scenarios, leading troops, and Zuesing at the same time. Will also greatly expand the opportunities for leaders to plan, brief, execute in a dynamic environment, and debrief their Soldiers in ever changing environments built on structured rules, and very little Zeus requirements. 2) Combined force FTX's involving scripted scenarios with an active (even if partially active) Zues, providing the Company Command the opportunity to plan, brief, execute in a controlled environment, and debrief platoon-level elements. Names Operations - The flexibility of having multiple autonomous elements within the Company provides unique Combines Arms engagements and never-before-seen large scale conflicts for the Soldiers and their leaders. I ask that leadership read through this with an open mind, offer questions or concerns, and allow for alterations and/or compromise before making a final decision. Consideration for this idea is greatly appreciated and I look forward to a good conversation about how to improve and enhance the unit. -Diddy
  20. SPC D.McKenzie

    SPC D.McKenzie

  21. SPC D.McKenzie

    3rd ID Sustainment Brigade changes command

    Col. Steven Erickson (left), 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade commander, out-going 3rd IDSB commander, Col. Jeffrey J. Britton and 3rd ID Commander, Maj. Gen. Antonio A. Aguto, troop-the-line during the brigade’s change of command ceremony, June 27 on Fort Stewart. Col. Steven Erickson, 3rd IDSB commander, gives a speech to his new brigade during a change of command ceremony, June 27 on Fort Stewart. Erickson’s first act in charge was to encourage everyone to do what is right. Col. Steven Erickson, 3rd IDSB commander, receives the brigade’s colors from Maj. Gen. Antonio A. Aguto, 3rd ID commander, during a change of command ceremony, June 27 on Fort Stewart. The passing of the colors symbolizes the transfer of responsibility over a unit. Photos by Sgt. Laurissa Hodges Source
  22. MAJ J.LaFlash


    Hell ya, congrats CPL!
  23. 2LT B.Ahles

    White Phosphor NVGs

    I should add, if this were to go through it’s optional for each player wether to enable said feature or not.
  24. PVT N.Jørgensen

    Start Here! Updating Mods & Launching Arma

    I see
  25. 2LT B.Ahles

    Start Here! Updating Mods & Launching Arma

    The recommended way to update mods is through our arma 3 sync repository. This ensures no version mismatches between client and server.
  26. PVT N.Jørgensen

    Start Here! Updating Mods & Launching Arma

    Hey do i have do download the mods on arma 3 sync? I have all the mods on the launcher?
  27. Hello Cpl Blackwell, 

    Is being a part of another clan that doesn't play arma 3 or ins sandstorm an issue?


    Thank you,

    Jeff Szymanski

    1. CPL W.Blackwell

      CPL W.Blackwell

      Not sure, that is why I wanted input from Command Staff that way I don't make a bad call on something that may or may not be an issue.

    2. Jeff Szymanski

      Jeff Szymanski

      ok thank you.

  28. 2LT B.Ahles

    White Phosphor NVGs What’re your guys’ thoughts?
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