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  2. just downloaded it! look forward to playing
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  4. Another Outstanding donation! Hooah Purdy!!
  5. WARNORD 03JUL20 - Mission: Christmas in July 1. SITUATION A freak arctic storm has suddenly blanketed the northern hemisphere with snow and ice. In view of the Covid-19 lockdowns, summer has come to an end before it even got started. As part of NATO Task Force Goulash, men of the 3rd Infantry Division are stationed at Camp Rivera, located within Joint Base Černi. The Second Chernarussian Civil War has ground to a stalemate, but the Russian line is only a few kilometers to the east, and Moscow is eager to finish what it and the ChDKZ had started over a decade ago. Seeing an opportunity, Russian forces have used the bad weather to conceal troop movements across South Zagoria. Further, Moscow has enlisted NGOs and militants who have been hostile to the US historically. Intelligence reports indicate that several flights of “security guards” flew into Krasnostav Airport overnight. 2. MISSION Several minutes ago, an IDAP outpost in Stary Sobor radioed a request for immediate military assistance. Located within 200m of the front line, it reportedly has come under Russian mortar attack. A 3ID QRF has been ordered to Stary Sobor to secure the outpost. 3. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (a) SPECIAL TEAMS/TASK ORG 1. Alpha CO, 1-2IN, 3ID (NATO TF Goulash) (b) COMMON EQUIPMENT 1. STANDARD US ARMY EQUIPMENT (c) SPECIAL EQUIPMENT 1. STANDARD NATO EQUIPMENT 2. STANDARD CDF EQUIPMENT (d) TIME SCHEDULE 1. STEP BRIEF 1845 2. OSCAR MIKE 1900 4. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (a) Utilize NATO/CDF equipment as necessary. 5. INTEL (a) Map of AO
  6. Hooah, PV2 J.Purdy, Thank you for your donation of 200.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
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  8. Alright, so since the Summer Sale showed up I picked up all the DLC for ARMA except for the Cold War Globalization whatever. I've once again become an Armaholic and am geeking up in the Eden Editor. I downloaded ALiVE and made my own faction with all the new Contact DLC, which is quite nice. My problem is ALiVE isn't working correctly. All the YouTube tutorials I've seen are out of date and just don't work, at least for me. I followed a number of tutorials to a T, but no dice. I would like to randomize an environment so I don't know where enemy units are placed exactly, making the game more interesting with single player. I've already made a base to deploy from. All I need now is to know how to setup ALiVE to function automatically once I have all the modules placed and synced up. Is anyone here fluent in ALiVE 2020? I could really use some help here. I. MUST. PLAY. ARMA!
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    Update on 01JUL2020 for new Calandar month.
  10. Website

    Seems to be a Deschutes bug that we have no control over. Let's check again after next update.
  11. Screenshot thread for Presence Patrol/Civilian Evacuation...
  12. PERSCOM issue not something COE can fix.
  13. Copy custom difficulty settings (scoreboard & death messages) over to all the other servers.
  14. This weekend we noticed FTP bandwidth spikes up to 600 Mbps, completely bottoming out our connection and causing both servers that drills were conducted on to be unusable. To prevent this in the future, please bandwidth limit all traffic over port 21 to 100 Mbps.
  15. Hooah! Great idea Woods. As we discussed if we get enough interest in the game, we could have Warthunder Wednesdays at a time that works well!!
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    Cards on homepage stick together. Also check any other out-of-place items on mobile screen width.
  17. Woah, WarThunder brings back memories. Played it a ton back when it was only airplanes.
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    Waiting for PERSCOM update from Deschutes
  19. Website

    Made it hidden to guests, still visible to civilian as intended. In case we are going to bring new life into our public server and such we might get suggestions from civilians.
  20. Mods

    COE Requests is not for mod help. Contact your team/squad leader first.
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