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  2. Glad we could be of help! "That Others May Live."
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  4. (a) GENERAL INTEL. The town of Amir was a Iraqi HQ for all Southern Operations in the province, thus it is heavily reinforced with minefields and several fortifications within the houses. Iranian MI-8 is frequently scouting the hills to the West of Amir, along with foot patrols. A communication radar is present in the town of Amir that is being controlled from a old Iraqi HQ within the city, if this HQ or radar can be neutralized, outside communication with the town will be severed. Iraqi Army is willing to provide artilerry support if needed, (b) GROUND PICTURES. 1. Old picture
  5. On the Donation page ( toward the bottom is the prior years Financial statement. Please remove all prior years and only have the 2020.
  6. Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class 20-37 (ARMA3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be full active members of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah Graduates: Private First Class Brandon Perez Private Second Class Jason Samuels Private Second Class Mac Blaser
  7. This scenario will include PVP and PVE. There will be BLUFOR, OPFOR, and Civilian AI, albeit in smaller numbers than in a typical Coop mission. The BLUFOR and OPFOR AI will be battling each other...and you...throughout the AO. Each playable side (US, Russia) will have its own spawn point and arsenal.
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  9. I'm Available most days of the week. I'm only on later in the night though. like 1830 or later.
  10. WARNORD Fun Op Fight Night 02OCT20 Mission: Player Killer 1. SITUATION World War 3 has begun. While training Chernarussian Defense Forces personnel in South Zagoria, your Special Forces team has been cut off and surrounded by Russian Army forces moving on Chernagorsk. The CDF Intelligence Directorate reports that Spetsnaz teams have parachuted into the area and are moving toward the Chernarussian capital. The United States, vowing to defend Chernarus, has launched an Amphibious Ready Group that is sailing to the Green Sea. Corregidor ARG/MEU consists of over 4,900 Sailors
  11. id be up for tuesdays and thursdays since monday wednesday and friday are when i take breaks from live streaming
  12. Sounds good, Monday's or Thursday's are best for me.
  13. Id be down for Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights!
  14. Recently Squad released version 1.0 and is now out of Early Access. Currently there is a sale going on on Steam for 25% off so pick it up while you can. Myself and several others of Spartans have played rounds of Squad during these past couple days and it was a lot of fun. After discussing the benefits of having a squad of friends while playing Squad, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the 1.0 release to all of the 3rd ID. Spartans would love to have more members of the 3rd in game so we could actually win a game for a change.🤣 Myself and others are hoping that Squad could be
  15. 68W Combat Medic School is designed to prepare future combat lifesavers, platoon medics, and MEDEVAC personnel. By graduation, you will be familiar with the intricacies of ACE Medical. You will learn to use all of the medical equipment available to you, and you will learn the difference between various injuries and their treatments. Candidates complete a written test, movement under fire, TCCC patient assessment, patient extraction and evacuation techniques, bleeding control, triage, basic and advanced treatments, radio communications, and LZ establishment. The following Soldiers have suc
  16. Trainees and Cadre can sign up for this week's OSUT here:
  17. No problem, sir. Glad to do my part. o7
  18. I am unable to assign soldiers to Reserves through the Assignment Order, I get a message informing me I do not have permissions to assign.
  19. Hooah, your commander always needs more medics near by to attend to his needs! 😝
  20. Great article PAO, I am a gold star family member so it hits home for sure! Thanks for shining some light on this day!
  21. Congratulations to graduates of 68W School, and thanks to Aviation for their support of a successful Medevac...
  22. Our Private Trainee's going through the Rifle Range with a DI!
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