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  2. Unfortunately LT, they are not. I even attempted to remind those specific keys to forward and back and they don’t work. I can change my self and interact to other keys that work, such as L or P. Not sure if it is a conflict or a restriction due to the modpack or what.
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  4. They should still be bind-able via the options "addon controls" section.
  5. Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am having a strange issue, I have bound my ace interact keys to app menu and windows key and they have been like that for years. However, since downloading and running the modpack (including local mods populated), I cannot bind those keys any longer and they won't work for ace interact. Is this a known issue or am I missing something? Thank you for your help in advance, happy eating. V/R PFC Attack
  7. The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit Command Team wishes all Dogface soldiers a Happy Thanksgiving. After all we have weathered this year, take the time to enjoy the holiday. Please be safe, responsible and remember the success of this unit is due to your dedication and unwavering efforts. Happy Thanksgiving and Rock of the Marne! -War Eagle 6
  8. Hooah, SFC J.Drake, Thank you for your donation of 80.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
  9. I'll have you to make sure im there for Friday!!
  10. Screenshots from tonight's Zeus mission in Chernarus...
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  12. WARNORD 27 NOV 20 1. SITUATION Royal Dutch Shell has hired Armex Security Solutions to secure an oil field near al-Rutbah. Located in western Anbar Province, the site is roughly 30km southwest of the town, and 90km east of the Syrian border. Security contractors are to occupy Camp Cluster, an abandoned INA outpost on a large hill overlooking the desert. Alongside the main camp, there is a mortar pit and observation post with good fields of fire all around. The oil field is located roughly half a km north of the outpost, surrounded by otherwise empty desert. ISIS, local
  13. 15T CREW CHIEF The crew chief is in charge of the entire helicopter crew and is considered responsible for everything that happens in or to the helicopter. They give instructions to the pilots, operate the machine gun, drop smoke grenades to mark landing zones, and help to maintain the helicopter. REQUIREMENTS Minimum required rank - Private First Class Must complete 15T training program. 35F INTELLIGENCE ANALYST Intelligence Analysts assist the Intelligence Officer in disseminating intelligence information, collecting information and eval
  14. Looks pretty decent to the fair. Like the additions. Good work, lads.
  15. Haha, that's always an option too @SFC J.Drake. It works alright after a reinstall -- not perfect, but good enough to remind me during my work week.
  16. Development Update - 24NOV2020 Hello soldiers, welcome to the first unit wide development update! These posts will aim to give you an insight into the backend workings of our website and mods. COE will plan to publish these on a monthly basis, or when something exciting is being worked on! Servers Steam Workshop: Steam workshop has taken a massive load off of our monthly bandwidth. We've also been able to confirm our automated update system is working with an ACE update last week. Soldiers have been able to update smoothly, with only some small issues which we'v
  17. Strange... I personally don't use outlook, nor do I have it. So I'd have to get an office 365 license or pirate it to test it out which I'm not really up to 😄 . I didn't even know you could link calendars... This is all from a 3rd party calendar plugin, so we don't do the development/maintenance. The only thing I can think of to fix this issue is to remove the download/subscribe buttons and pretend the feature does not exist. 😎
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    Trainees and Cadre can sign up for this week's OSUT here:
  20. This application template is for Enlisted Personnel Only! to enter the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade. See 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Enlistment Process 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade Application Privacy Statement Principal Purpose: To record application into the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade (herein referred to as the "3CAB"). Routine Use: This form becomes a part of 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade record
  21. Enlistment - Non-Enlisted Soldiers: PRE-REQUIREMENTS 1. If not a 3ID soldier, submit application with Recruiting and Retention. 1.1. Enlist here: Enlistment - Enlisted Soldiers 2. Enlisted - Personnel 2.1. Completed BCT and AIT 3. Be an active member of 3rd Infantry Division 3.1. Have never been shown AWOL a any time 3.2 Time in service: a minimum of 1 month 3.3. Not missed more than 1 drill in a 4-week period 3.4. Attend a minimum of 2 Falcon training sessions for
  22. AVIATION Combat Military Occupational Specialty: Enlisted: 15T - Crew Chief / Door Gunner The crew chief is in charge of the entire helicopter crew and is considered responsible for everything that happens in or to the helicopter. They give instructions to the pilots, operate the machine gun, drop smoke grenades to mark landing zones, and help to maintain the helicopter. Qualifications Needed: - Rank of E-3 Private First Class - Must complete 15T training program. - Selected to fill a Crew Chief / Door Gunner billet. 68W - Flight Medic The Flight Medic i
  23. Haha Paxton, NASA called, they want their supercomputer back
  24. Goddamn, going down twice in just a couple minutes... That's unlucky!
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