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  4. MAJ J.LaFlash

    78 years - Pearl Harbor

    We honor and remember the sacrifice of Pearl Harbor heroes who faced uncertainty and death on this date in 1941. 78 years of remembrance and never forgetting!
  5. SGM J.Rizzo

    Out of the stone ages again!

    About time major you got rid of that 7/11 and/or walmart connection ?
  6. CPL B.Smith

    On Hold Addition of 11C MOS

    To whom it may concern, While I understand the unit’s main focus is reinforcing our numbers, this suggestion is intended to provoke thought as well as bring light to something that could be implemented in the future. In recent conversation, the idea of adding the 11C MOS (Indirect Fire Infantryman) to the list of available MOS’ was tossed around and I feel that this would be a useful addition once we gain back our numbers. My support for this comes from an immersion and practicality standpoint. Since we are a “Milsim” unit, it would add to the atmosphere and efficiency to have mortarmen added as an asset to the HHC element as they typically are across modern infantry units today. In doing so, it would call for an actual, trained Forward Observer as well as the additional trained 11C(s) to properly carry out fire missions instead of having whoever is in Zeus that day doing it. Were this to happen, it would foreseeably open up new positions within the unit, allowing for more training, authenticity, and unit dynamics. In addition, this could also lead to 13-series billets being implemented somewhere down the line. Again, this post’s goal mainly to provoke thought, but should also be considered for later application. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. Regards, Specialist Bailey Smith 1/1/A/1, Fireteam Member
  7. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Thanksgiving - USA

    Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving 2019 in United States
  8. CW3 Q.Morton

    3CAB Flight Drills

    Mandatory event for all pilots. All others who would like to attend notify AVN XO.
  9. MAJ J.LaFlash

    PVT J.Bishop donation of 20.00 USD

    Hooah, PVT J.Bishop, Thank you for your donation of 20.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
  10. SGT B.Lambert

    Let's Start a Story.....

  11. >fuze mains in a shellnut


  12. CW3 Q.Morton


    Spc. Alexander Small from 3-69 Armor, 1ABCT, 3rd ID, shakes hands with 1ABCT Commander, Col. Trent Upton, after Upton awarded the Army Commendation Medal to Small for saving the life of a fellow Soldier. Photo by Sgt. Daniel Guerrero Soldier looks out for others, helps save a life Spc. Alexander Small, a Soldier from the 3rd Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, June 19 on Fort Stewart for saving a fellow Solder’s life. Small was returning to the battalion’s motor pool on June 18, when he walked by Pfc. Samuel Mabie, who was unconscious in his privately owned vehicle during his break from gate guard duty in the rear of the motor pool. “When I came back from lunch, I saw him in his truck while it was running and thought he was just sleeping,” said Small. “I saw him sleeping and decided to wake him up because I didn’t want him to get in trouble.” Small said he started knocking on the glass to try to wake him up, but Mabie was not reacting. “I started yelling and shaking the truck and that’s when I realized this might be a real issue because he was not responding,” said Small. Additionally, Small started to notice that Mabie’s appearance was not normal. “He didn’t appear right and his skin was really pale, said Small. “His eyes were open, but they were twitching and rolling into the back of his head.” Small said his condition looked to be getting worse as the attempts to wake Mabie were not working. “He started drooling and spitting,” said Small. “It looked like he was trying to wake up, and originally I thought he was having a seizure.” With continued attempts to wake Mabie with other Soldiers by this time, the military police was called. Upon arrival, the MPs notified and dispatched emergency medical personnel. At this time, the MPs made the decision to break a window and gain access to Mabie. “When they pulled him out he was limp and I thought he was suffering from heat exhaustion,” Said Small. Mabie was taken to the hospital and treated, but not for heat exhaustion. While Small was filling out reports with the MPs, he was still concerned about Mabie’s condition. “I was able to hear things over their radio so I asked one of the MPs about Mabie’s condition, I wanted to know how he was,” said Small. “That’s when we found out he had carbon monoxide poisoning.” Small said about an hour after Mabie was taken to the hospital he gained consciousness. Mabie was treated and has recovered from the event. “Honestly I’m not entirely sure how I feel, I’m just glad he’s ok,” said Small. Thanks to this instincts and decisive actions, Small saved the life a fellow Soldier. Small said since that day leaders are making sure Soldiers are continuing to check on each other. Sgt. Daniel Guerrero, 1ABCT Public Affairs Source
  13. W.Blackwell

    PFC P.Conlisk donation of 100.00 USD

    Thank you.
  14. MAJ J.LaFlash

    Unites States Army NGSW upgrade for the 3rd?

    This is being looked into by Cstaff, There isn't a time frame as alot of factors go into this other then a new Mod. For instance our m16 qualification on our training map, Do we have someone to update these scripts to that would recruits are qualifying with the same weapon they will be using in their assigned position?
  15. MAJ J.LaFlash


    CPT Is correct, We are the 3rd Infantry Division, More specifically First Battalion, 30th Infantry Reg. And they are not a SF/Ranger/Airborne unit. Therefore our Berets are black only. PFC, I really do appreciate you trying to think outside the box but almost 90% of what you have brought up so far as already been brought up by a prior soldier and the research and investigating has been completed and denied already.
  16. MAJ J.LaFlash

    PFC P.Conlisk donation of 100.00 USD

    Hooah, PFC P.Conlisk, Thank you for your donation of 100.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
  17. RET Q.Simmons


    probably because they're assigned to an SF unit and not a regular joe shmoe unit
  18. A.Apollo


    I know that being in a specific unit you have to dress right dress with uniform. Im just saying it would just be another cosmetic item out of game if you attend the proper schooling. In my unit IRL they let the rangers wear the tan beret, Airborne wears the maroon and etc.
  19. A.Apollo


    Hey so a idea when a member completes airborne school or ranger school maybe change the color of the beret like Maroon for airborne and Tan beret for ranger just another cosmetic item i can help wioth the graphic design portion too as it just a wasy color overlay.
  20. 1LT B.Ahles

    First Platoon FTX - 6/30/2019

  21. Private Trainee D.Doom,

              We have met, though briefly, in the server already. Your tenacious attitude and willingness to gain access and accompany us on a small mission is much appreciated. I hope that any further issues are found and ironed out. I know you know that being a member of the United States military is a special course. This course can lead many to succeed and surpass where others fear to even try. Here in this 3rd infantry group we practice to keep the same levels of difficulties that real world operations have. I am honored you would attend our training all weekends and especially this weekend again.


    Sergeant J.Feagin

  22. Private First Class J.Bryan,

               I believe you are now assigned to first fire team lead position within Scorpions of the 3rd Infantry Division. I do not know really anything about you and your skills as a soldier, yet I am very assured of your capabilities based solely on your merit and awards. As a ranger of the group I trust you to lead and teach and that you  are at a level I may never understand. I and everyone in the group here hope to see you every weekend especially this weekend. 


    Sergeant J.Feagin

  23. PVT J.Higgins,

    Our little group is only made strong through our newest members and their participation. This is why I send you this personal heart felt welcome. The 3rd Infantry is made better by your coming and I am sure your being a member will only excell our mission. Thanks for joining and becoming a member. Welcome to Scorpions of the 3rd Infantry Division.


    SGT J.Feagin

  24. Updating Mods & Launching Arma (Do Not Use Steam Workshop to Update Mods)
  25. Ladies and gentlemen, If are experiencing game performance issues. check to see if you have the update KB4482887 installed on your computer. it will cause a MASSIVE frame rate drop and other reports claimed mouse issues. here is how to find out. If you are running windows 10 Go to your search bar and type appwiz.cpl > Top left hand side click "view installed updates > look for KB4482887 If you do not have the update then you are fine if you do, there is your issue
  26. RET Q.Simmons

    Additional aircraft for Airborne Operations

    This will be Under Review
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