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  2. PFC C.Bolitho

    Removing BattlEye Security from Armed Assault 3 Servers.

    I feel like you would have to change the Password every week becuase former members could easily just come back and nuke the server if they want to becasuse they have the Password. They could join under a current persons name and no one would know until they do some shizzle.
  3. I want to propose this because the last ftx has been full of crashes due to BattlEye client not responding. As the title says, I propose it to be removed both serverside and clientside. One reason would be that the server is passworded and requires mods which are not available to everyone (for example the 3rd ID modpack) Second reason would be that during the time we use the server, we have admin staff present so IF anyone would be cheating (which I highly doubt it), they'd be banned from the server and discharged immediately. One pro argument to this is that it would increase performance server side and client side.
  4. 1LT D.Lipnitz

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    Let's be considerate of each others ideas here in a professional manner, CPL. PFC I am sure Alpha Co will take your suggestion into consideration.
  5. WO1 Q.Morton

    Available DMOS Positions

    Could a list of open DMOS positions be posted so applicants know which assignments are currently accepting applications.
  6. PVT A.Bar

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    ive already been with both my ssg, and another ssg aswell as my corporal. none could help.
  7. Yesterday
  8. CPL J.Ryan

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    1st of all, you don't need to "bump" your post 2nd of all, i think everyone is tired of Takistan.
  9. PFC J.Samuels

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

  10. CW3 B.Ahles

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    Get with me or your FTL/SL to assist with this issue on teamviewer
  11. SSG W.Fives

    New Ace Options

    It wasnt denied wasnt it. Getting in contact with 173rd to ask for more details
  12. CPT A.Cantu

    Posting Templates

    Promotions and Awards Graduates List Airborne School Air Assault School Advanced Leader's Course Warrior Leader's Course Ranger School Long Range Precision Course OSUT Graduation Pub-A-Thon
  13. SPC M.Tymms

    Basic Combat Training Graduation

    Congratulations to those who passed the Basic Combat Training, Class #19-01. Those who have passed OSUT with honors will be promoted to Private First Class. Hooah Soldiers! Private Second Class Duane Bones Private Second Class Dustin Moreland
  14. SPC M.Tymms

    Advanced Individual Training Graduation

    Congratulations to those who passed the Advanced Individual Training, Class # 19-01! Those who have passed OSUT with honors will be promoted to Private First Class. You have earned a permanent slot within the unit. Hooah Soldiers! Private Second Class Jon Davis
  15. Last week
  16. 1SG E.Gilmore

    New Ace Options

    Lol this was last year!
  17. CPL J.Bolten

    Martin Luther King Jr (MLK Day)

    Each year, on the third Monday in January, the MLK Day of Service is observed as a "day on, not a day off." MLK Day of Service is intended to empower individuals, strengthen communities, bridge barriers, create solutions to social problems, and move us closer to Dr. King's vision of a "Beloved Community." It celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., an influential American civil rights leader. He is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States.
  18. PVT A.Bar

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    done that, it still has not worked. says im missing mods, since then i have tried redownloading the mods, and reconnect to the repository now i cant even connect to it
  19. SSG W.Fives

    New Ace Options

    @1SG E.GilmoreI think it is ACE but modified. It must have ace combat rhspbo
  20. PFC J.Samuels

    Dutch Warfare Campaign

    Im thinking of doing a dutch campaign, the idea is that the 43 mechanized brigade of the dutch army linked up with the 3rd id to do a joint campaign and get the dutch informant Giel Romeen out of Takistan and he reveals intel about a terrorist called Abdul Rahme in iraq and we have to capture him and take the cities in between us and him and make them safezones, After we have taken all cities we attack at full force and take him alive to pay for his crimes
  21. CW3 B.Ahles

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    You probably haven’t selected any mods. Launch the arma launcher (not arma 3 sync) and go to the mods section, import all your mods, select the proper ones, launch game.
  22. CW3 B.Ahles

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    Moved to appropriate forum section
  23. PVT A.Bar

    ArmA 3 Mods not working

    until last week it was working and now it doesnt work anymore, ive downloaded the updated modpack and updated my mods, yet it says im missing mods.
  24. PFC K.Lillie

    Muster In

    Just now seeing this! Yep, it works.
  25. PFC J.Samuels

    Acoustic Guitar Mod

    Could we add Acoustic Guitar Mod to the modpack for some roleplay stuff or some fun???
  26. PFC J.Samuels

    CPL J.Feagin donation of 50.00 USD

  27. We have partnered with Easy Anti-Cheat to help us find and ban players who use cheat software, hacks, or custom scripts to disrupt our players’ experiences in Insurgency: Sandstorm. We take cheating very seriously, so we appreciate all of our fans who help us in combating this issue. If you come across a player that you suspect is cheating or if you find a cheat available for Sandstorm online, please fill out a Cheat Report for Easy Anti-Cheat to investigate. If you’re reporting a cheat for sale/download, please include a link to the relevant site. If you encounter a player who you think is using hacks or cheats, grab the replay ID of the match from the History section of the main menu and it include it in your report. Be sure to watch the replay first and include the approximate time that the player can be seen using a cheat in the report as well. How to find a replay ID and Steam ID: Go to the Main Menu Select “History” Mouse over the replay, then click “Copy ID” and paste it in your report. Start the replay and go to the scoreboard Click on the suspected player’s name and “Copy Steam ID”. Then paste it in your report. Click here for the EAC Cheat report: EAC Cheat Report For more information about EAC, including bans and appeals, check out our EAC post here: Community Guidelines: EAC & Cheating Exploiting Design Issues Our team has been working very hard to get Insurgency: Sandstorm to where it is today, and we are still developing improvements and new content for the future. That being said, we have seen some players exploiting bugs in design. Examples of this include: Hiding in rocks/walls Exploiting Out of Bounds areas Glitching into unplayable areas Spawn camping If a player is exploiting these mechanics or does something that feels unfair (but they’re not necessarily using hacks), please take a screenshot or video along with an explanation of what is happening, and send it to [email protected] so that our team can recreate and address the issue.
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