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  2. I Approve. R&R server will be used for this little campaign of yours if its finished
  3. Can we revive this? This seems like an amazing idea. I'm down to host a couple of missions, see how it goes for the unit.
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  5. There Has Been An Update To The 3rdID Modpack Please Download at Your Earliest Convenience Updated: ACE 3 (Update/New Structure for Compat .pbos) ACEX CBA_A3 (Update/Optionals)
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  7. LTC J.LaFlash

    WOC P.Conlisk donation of 10.00 USD

    Hooah, WOC P.Conlisk, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We appreciate your donation which will help us meet our monthly operating cost. If you donated $50 or more, be sure to contact your first line leader as you will be eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal at the next month's promotion ceremony! Again, Thank you for your contribution and for making a difference in our unit!
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  9. MSG J.Rizzo

    Windows update causing game performance issues

    Yes you can uninstall it by the method above
  10. CPL N.Moreira

    Windows update causing game performance issues

    Any way to go and update back?
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, If are experiencing game performance issues. check to see if you have the update KB4482887 installed on your computer. it will cause a MASSIVE frame rate drop and other reports claimed mouse issues. here is how to find out. If you are running windows 10 Go to your search bar and type appwiz.cpl > Top left hand side click "view installed updates > look for KB4482887 If you do not have the update then you are fine if you do, there is your issue
  12. CPT Q.Simmons

    Additional aircraft for Airborne Operations

    This will be Under Review
  13. WOC B.Smith


    We cannot make use of those unfortunately, thank you for extending your hand in assistance though.
  14. CPL J.Ryan

    Taking Fire documentary

    It's fun that people in the US can't watch a US documentary 😄 Try using a VPN
  15. 2LT M.Carter


    My copies are from back when we first made the switch over to the current uniform.
  16. SFC E.Verhein

    Taking Fire documentary

    I cant watch it! 🤔
  17. WOC B.Smith


    @2LT M.Carter If they're anything more recent than January we'd love to have them. Currently our most recent backup contains the uniforms from January 2019.
  18. 2LT M.Carter


    @SPC B.Smith I have some backups if needed
  19. WOC B.Smith


    Dear all, Recently CID has encountered a slew of issues involving malicious acts and errors with the storage of your uniforms (dress blues & signatures). While your current personnel file will show the latest (and likely most up-to-date) iteration of your uniforms, your reference file that is stored for us to use as an update template has been lost or is extremely outdated. Due to this, we are in the process of recreating each and every soldier's PSD files (the reference file) and therefore insist you review your awards and submit a profile update request with all awards (including all completed schools, desired DMOS badges, etc.) attached so that we may keep everyone within compliance of AR 670-1. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working towards better organizing and securing CID for advanced efficiency and integrity.
  20. R.Sharp

    Whats going on 3rd

    hey guys. I left the 3rd back in 2017 but I always find myself coming back to see how everyone is doing and aid in taking a few towns in the pub and realism server. a few active duty friends and I are sitting in the desert for a few more months and I got to thinking about mission creation. I've been tossing around the idea of building something for realism units to test and walk through with the original idea of combining all of the old 3rd ID mission ( like anaconda, cobra, etc.) into one mission with a semi-realistic airfield and environment. the goal would be the following 1. allow units to spawn into the airfield and conduct missions or standard patrols 2. bring in a simple logistics system to acquire and repair vehicles 3. set up an AI based evacuation system for small scale foot patrols 4. instead of having 8 different missions with 8 different maps, set up a Mission Operations Center so platoon leaders, unit commanders and even squads can conduct different missions on the same timeline. 5. adding the civilian occupation script to add a civilian populous to the world 6. adding an advanced AI based artillery battery for indirect fire and immediate smoke/suppression missions 7. adding an advanced AI based close air support system for foot patrols 8. building an airfield base that enables every type of operation. including training fields, ranges, a small MOUT course and medical center. the hostile presence would mirror that of insurgency ( with random caches that need to be taken out) as well as a hand full of missions already established ( anaconda, CTI, etc.) and adding in a mission builder at the operations center for zeus created missions as well. the modest is going to be 3rd ID specific mainly because this just gives me something to do for the next few months and then if y'all want it, its yours. id love to colaberate with your mission builders and get some 3rd ID suggestions, ideas, and comments.
  21. RET M.Breen

  22. @W.Blackwell i know what you mean on that man.
  23. I want to get me a good cam and then I will be happy for a little while....... But missing that one thing that goes out faster then it comes in, money.
  24. MSG J.Rizzo


    A.Co FTX
  25. @W.Blackwell Sheesh look at chu!
  26. Not Sure I can call this a gaming lounge..... More like Command and Control Center LOL
  27. MSG J.Rizzo

    Gunslingers Squad Drills

    Second platoon 3rd Squad Drills
  28. WO1 Q.Morton

    Additional aircraft for Airborne Operations Once added, its located under NATO- Planes - Boeing C-17 Stewart
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