1-73. The following lists capabilities of the Infantry rifle platoon and squad :

  • Conduct offensive and defensive tasks in all types of environments, day and night.
  • Seize, secure, occupy, and retain terrain.
  • Destroy, neutralize, suppress, interdict, disrupt, block, canalize, and fix enemy forces.
  • Breach enemy obstacles.
  • Feint and demonstrate to deceive the enemy.
  • Screen and guard friendly units.
  • Reconnoiter, deny, bypass, clear, contain, and isolate. These tasks might be oriented on both terrain and enemy.
  • Conduct small-unit operations.
  • Participate in air assault operations.
  • Participate in airborne operations (airborne only).
  • Operate in conjunction with mounted forces.
  • Operate in conjunction with special operations forces.
  • Participate in amphibious operations.




1-74. The Infantry rifle platoon and squad has the following limitations:

  • Limited close combat and sustainment assets.
  • Limited vehicle mobility.
  • Vulnerable to enemy armor, artillery, and air assets when employed in open terrain.
  • Vulnerable to enemy CBRN attacks with limited decontamination capability.

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