--Mounted Movement Techniques


2-131. The movement techniques while mounted are traveling, traveling overwatch, and bounding overwatch.


2-132. The platoon travels mounted when contact with the enemy is not likely and speed is desired. (See figure 2-32.) The leader analyzes the latest intelligence on the enemy and determines if contact with the enemy is unlikely. Because units generally move faster when traveling mounted, leaders must remember the increased potential for a break in contact. Should a break in contact occur —

  • The leader or detached element uses global positioning system (GPS) aids to reestablish contact with the main body.
  • The platoon’s main body can use an infared or thermal source to regain visual contact with the element and link it back to the main body.
Traveling, platoon mounted

Figure 2-32. Traveling, platoon mounted.

Traveling Overwatch

2-133. The platoon leader uses traveling overwatch when he thinks contact could occur. (See figure 2-33.) He designates one of his subordinate elements to provide security forward of the main body. In some cases, the improved awareness might prompt the security element to increase these distances. Leaders track the movement of forward security elements. They get position updates to ensure the forward security element remains on azimuth and within range of supporting direct fires.

Traveling overwatch.

Figure 2-33. Traveling overwatch.

Bounding Overwatch

2-134. When the platoon leader expects enemy contact, he uses bounding overwatch. He initiates it based on planning reports received earlier about the enemy situation and onSITREPs received during movement. He bounds elements using successive or alternate bounds. (See figure 2-34.)

Bounding overwatch

Figure 2-34. Bounding overwatch.

2-135. Before bounding, the leader shows the bounding element the location of the next overwatch position. Ideally, the overwatch element keeps the bounding element in sight. Once the bounding element reaches its overwatch position, it signals READY by voice or visual means to the element that overwatched its bound. (See figure 2-35.) The platoon leader makes sure the bounding element stays within two-thirds of the weapons range of the overwatch element.

Figure 2-35. Methods of bounding overwatch