--Transition to Stability


2-358. As an offensive task approaches a culmination, or upon order from higher headquarters, the Infantry leader could order a transition to stability focused mission. These tasks establish a safe, secure environment facilitating reconciliation among local or regional threat. Stability tasks aim to establish conditions supporting the transition to legitimate host-nation governance, a functioning civil society, and a viable market economy.

2-359. For the Infantry platoon the platoon leader must ensure contingencies are planned to transition quickly from offense to stability and vice versa. For example, it may be tactically wise for him to plan a defensive contingency with on-order offensive missions or stability tasks could deteriorate.

2-360. Subordinate leaders must be fully trained to recognize activities initiating this transition. Actions in one unit’s area of operation can affect whatever type operation an adjacent unit is conducting. For example, an offensive task may cause noncombatants to be displaced to another section of the city creating a humanitarian assistance mission for the unit in the are of operation.

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