--Determine Where to Kill the Enemy

3-175. The following steps apply in identifying and marking where the enemy engagement (see figure 3-21) is to occur ─

  • Identify target registration points matching the enemy’s scheme of maneuver allowing the Infantry platoon and squad to identify where it will engage enemy forces through the depth of the area of operations.
  • Identify and record the exact location of each target registration point.
    • In marking target registration points, use thermal sights to ensure visibility at the appropriate range under varying conditions, including daylight and limited visibility (darkness, smoke, dust, or other obscurants)
  • Determine how many weapon systems will focus fires on each target registration point to achieve the desired end state.
  • Determine which element will mass fires on each target registration point.
  • Establish engagement areas around target registration points.
  • Develop the direct fire planning measures necessary to focus fires at each target registration point.
Locations to kill enemy

Figure 3-21. Locations to kill enemy

The following video shows Apache helicopters destroying enemy fighting positions above the village of Donga, Afghanistan. The positions were discovered a day earlier during an ambush of a patrol conducting a key leader engagement. With help from a forward observer, the helicopters identified the targets, ensuring no civilians were present and then destroyed the positions using their 30 mm cannon and rockets.