--Emplace Weapon Systems

3-177. The following steps apply in selecting and improving battle positions and emplacing the Infantry platoon and squad vehicles, crew-served weapon systems, (see figure 3-23) and dismounted Infantry positions ─

  • Select tentative platoon/squad battle positions.

Note. When possible, select battle positions while moving in the engagement area. Using the enemy’s perspective enables the Infantry leader to assess survivability of positions.

  • Conduct a leader’s reconnaissance of the tentative battle positions.
  • Drive the engagement area to confirm selected positions are tactically advantageous.
  • Confirm and mark the selected battle positions.
  • Ensure battle positions do not conflict with those of adjacent units and are tied in with adjacent positions.
  • Select primary, alternate, and supplementary fighting positions to achieve the desired effect for each target registration point.
  • Ensure platoon sergeants, vehicle commanders, or dismounted Infantry squad leaders position weapon systems so each target registration point is covered by the required number of weapons, vehicles, and squads.
  • Ensure positions allow vehicle commanders, loaders, and gunners (as applicable for each vehicle or weapons system) to observe the engagement area and engage enemy forces from the hull down position.
  • Stake vehicle or weapons system positions according to unit SOPs so engineers can dig in the positions while vehicle crews perform other tasks.
  • Confirm all vehicle or weapons system positions.


Emplacement of weapons systems

Figure 3-23. Emplacement of weapons systems