--Transition to Stability

3-188. It may be tactically wise for the leader to plan a defensive contingency with on-order offensive tasks for operations focused on stability tasks. Subordinate leaders must be fully trained to recognize activities, which initiate this transition. Leaders and Soldiers must be aware that elements of the BCT - Brigade Combat Team could be conducting offensive, defensive, and stability missions simultaneously within a small radius of each other. Actions in one unit’s area of operation can affect a change in whatever type task an adjacent unit is conducting. For example, an engagement with an enemy force may have caused noncombatants to be displaced to another section of the city leaving the area of operation open to theft, looting, and vandalism by belligerents.

US Forces-Iraq transitioned from counterinsurgency (COIN) to stability operations during the period 1 January 2009 (the signing of the Security Agreement) through 31 August 2010 (the end of combat operations). The following report documents the transition to stability operations in Iraq. - LINK