--Military Information Support Ops


4-61. Military information support operations are the leader’s primary capability to inform and influence foreign populations in areas of operations. Military information support Soldiers conduct operations to induce or reinforce specific attitudes and behaviors favorable to U.S. military objectives. (Refer to FM 3-53 for more information).

4-62. Military information support Soldiers provide subject matter expertise in the information operations. As primary members of the information operations working group, they advise, plan, provide operations oversight, and assess messages and actions having potential or actual psychological effects. Military information support units also provide analysis, development, production, distribution, and dissemination capabilities for MISO and are the primary executors for purposes of informing and influencing target audiences. Military information support Soldiers, provide dedicated intelligence support can also provide post-delivery measures of performance and measures of effectiveness. The information operations element utilizes military information support analyses of audiences and their environments. The information operations element also assesses adversary information and capability, including information for effects, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda.

4-63. Military information support planners and attached military information support units help leaders in executing Soldier and leader engagement efforts in areas of operations. Military information support Soldiers are trained, educated, equipped, and organized to plan, monitor, and assess engagement with foreign populations and select audiences. This engagement includes planning engagements with foreign populations, leaders, key communicators, and others with specific intent to influence to support leader objectives. Military information support planners plan, manage, and assess Soldier and leader engagement efforts. They support the leader’s larger engagement strategy.


4-64. Combat camera video specialists provide leaders with still and video imagery capabilities to support operational and planning requirements. These forces use video documentation capabilities ranging from aerial to underwater photography. They access areas and events inaccessible to other personnel or media. Furthermore, combat camera teams have a technological capability to transmit real-time images in turn serve to reinforce other information-related capability efforts. Likewise, their documentation of operations provides imagery support countering misinformation or propaganda.