--Conducting the Relief


5-87. When conducting the relief, the outgoing leader retains responsibility of the area of operation and mission. He exercises operational control over all subordinate elements of the incoming unit having completed their portion of the relief. Responsibility passes to the incoming leader when all elements of the outgoing unit are relieved and adequate communications are established.



5-88. Sequential relief is the most time-consuming relief method. The relieving unit moves to an AA to the rear of the unit to be relieved. Subordinate elements are relieved one at a time. This can occur in any order, with the relief following this general sequence ─

  • The outgoing and incoming unit’s collocates their headquarters and trains elements to facilitate mission command and transfer of equipment, ammunition, fuel, water, and medical supplies.
  • The first element being relieved (such as a platoon) moves to its alternate fighting positions or battle positions while the relieving element moves into the outgoing element’s primary fighting positions. The incoming element occupies vehicle and individual fighting positions as appropriate.
  • Incoming and outgoing elements complete the transfer of equipment and supplies.
  • The relieved element moves to the designated assembly area behind its position.
  • Once each outgoing element clears the rally point en route to its assembly area, the next relieving element moves forward.



5-89. Simultaneous relief is the fastest, but least secure, method. All outgoing elements are relieved at once, with the incoming unit usually occupying existing positions, including battle positions, and vehicle and individual fighting positions. The relief takes place in this general sequence ─

  • Outgoing elements move to their alternate battle positions and/or vehicle and individual positions.
  • Incoming elements move along designated routes to the outgoing elements’ primary fighting positions.
  • The units complete the transfer of equipment and supplies.
  • Relieved elements move to the designated unit assembly area.