--Forward Passage of Lines


5-94. In a forward passage, the passing unit first moves to an AA or an attack position behind the stationary unit. Designated liaison personnel move forward to linkup with guides and confirm coordination information with the stationary unit. Guides then lead the passing elements through the passage lane.

5-95. The Infantry unit conducts a forward passage by employing tactical movement. It moves quickly, using appropriate dispersal and formations whenever possible, and keeping radio traffic to a minimum. It bypasses disabled vehicles as necessary. The unit holds its fire until it passes the BHL or the designated fire control measure, unless the leader has coordinated fire control with the stationary unit. Once clear of passage lane restrictions, the unit consolidates at a rally point or attack position, and conducts tactical movement according to its orders. (See figure 5-10.)

Forward passage of lines

Figure 5-10. Forward passage of lines