4-1. Overview

The 3rd Infantry Division has a structured and established format for discharging soldiers including rewarding those who have extended good service as well as restricting those who do not meet the standards of the 3rd ID from re-enlisting.

This policy outlines the types of discharge that are currently utilized within the unit and a brief outline of them.

4-2. Retirement

Soldiers who accumulate more than 365 days of time in service and have achieved the rank of E-5 Sergeant or higher may be eligible for Honorable Retirement with approval from Chain of Command.  Retired personnel retain their rank, XML, forum access and are given retired Teamspeak permissions.  They are added to the "Retired Personnel" roster. 

Retired personnel wishing to return to active duty will return at least at the rank of E-4b Specialist although attempts will be made to return a soldier to the previously held rank.  E-4a Corporal or higher depend upon a billeted position warranting that grade be available and being filled by the returning soldier at command staff’s discretion.

Retired Personnel, while maintained on the unit’s roster, are not active personnel and therefore not subject to the multi-unit policy. Due to this, and their extended commitment to the unit for extended periods of service, they may be eligible to operate with other MILSIM units as long as the following requirements are met.

  • Have at least 24 Months accumulated service
  • Honor a separation period of 120 days before enlisting with other units/groups from date of discharge
  • Receive a waiver of approval from Command Staff
  • Upon approval from Command Staff, a service record entry will be placed into the personnel record indicating a waiver has been granted. Retired soldiers who have not met the above criteria and are found to be in violation of the unit's policy regarding Honorable Retirement and/or the unit's multi-unit policy, may receive a discharge with appropriate grade at Command Staff's discretion. This will usually be an ‘Other Than Honorable Discharge’.


4-3. Honorable Discharge

Soldiers who accumulate at least 180 days time in service and retain the rank of E-4b Specialist or higher may be eligible to file for a Honorable Discharge with approval from their Chain of Command. Honorable Personnel do not retain their rank, xml, forum or teamspeak permissions however can regain their last rank when re-joining the unit (if applicable) or at least the rank of E-4b Specialist.

If they are discharged for longer than 180 days they will be subject to re-enlisting at the rank and grade of E-3 Private First Class.


4-4. General Discharge

General Discharge is given to any soldier with less than 180 days time in service, below the rank of E-4b Specialist or upon request. General Discharges do not retain rank, XML, forum or teamspeak permissions.

They will still be eligible to rejoin the unit with the rank and grade of E-2 Private Second Class if their period of discharge is less than 180 days. If a soldier reenlists after more than 180 days they will have to complete One Station Unit Training again.


4-5. Entry Level Separation

Entry Level Separation is given to any member who fails to complete One Unit Station Training (OSUT) or applicable base level training within the unit. This includes whether a soldier is unable to attend training due or whether they fail the training in question.

They do not maintain ranks, XML, forum or teamspeak permissions and will be required to complete all training if they decide to rejoin.


4-6. Other than Honorable Discharge

Other than Honorable Discharges are given to those who continually breach unit protocol, bylaws and rules of a lesser offence. Judicial Proceedings (Court Martial) are not required to be carried out to issue a Other than Honorable Discharge and is at the discretion of Command Staff.

Those issued with this discharge retain no permissions or rank however may retain guest access to the teamspeak and forums. They are unable to re-enlist with the 3rd ID for a period of 180 days unless approved by unit Command Staff.


4-7. Bad Conduct Discharge

Bad Conduct Discharges are given to those who are found guilty under Court Martial or other Judicial Proceedings carrier out in an official manner by the 3rd Infantry Division. They have committed a serious offence or a  series of breaches of the Code of Conduct & Unit Bylaws are are subject to the full disciplinary action of the unit.

Those issued with this discharge retain no permissions or rank however may retain guest access to the teamspeak and forum if allowed by Command Staff. They are unable to re-enlist with the 3rd ID for a period of 270 days. Usually used when found dual clanning.


4-8. Dishonorable Discharge

Dishonorable Discharges are given to those individuals who are found guilty under Court Martial for serious infractions or illegal activity against the unit, its interests or its personnel. Those found guilty under this discharge are permanently banned from the Forums, Teamspeak, and Servers and  may never re-enlist in the unit and their information is provided to our sister unit’s in the event that member tries to enlist with them.

Individuals may be given a Dishonorable Discharge if they commit offences that breach our rules at a date after their initial separation from the unit where applicable. These offenses must be in breach of the bylaws and code of conduct and can only be issued by a Court Martial verdict.


4.9. VIP Status

Those eligible for VIP status must have at least received,

  • An Honorable or General Discharge
  • Enlisted for a minimum of 180 days
  • Achieved the rank of E-4a Specialist.
  • C-Staff sponsor

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