Display Names Policy and Name Change Proceedure


  • On the website, the format of Rank Abbreviation followed by FirstInitial[period]Lastname (RNK FI.Lastname) shall be used. Example: LTC J.LaFlash
  • PERSCOM no longer automatically changes your name. This may be implemented in the future. You are responsible for changing your website name when needed (promotions, demotions, etc.)
  • The system allows you to change your name 3 times in a 30 day period. If you make mistakes and need additional changes, contact CSTAFF.

Website Name Change Procedure:



  1. Login to your account. From the dropdown menu select Account Settings.
  2. From the Overview tab (or Display Tab) select Change.
  3. Enter the new display name following the correct naming policy.
  4. Click Save. Your name is now changed.


Steam Profile:

  • All Soldiers that hold the position of Fireteam Leader and higher, including Non-Commissioned Officers and Recruiting and Retention Personnel are required to have their profile names to include their current rank and last name. IE:  LTC J.LaFlash[3rdID] 
  • We will also give the flexibility to these leaders to have their gamer name (respectful name) in their profile name as we understand that you were not always known by your last name prior to enlisting in the 3rd Infantry Division.  IE:   LTC J.LaFlash[3rdID] |  H3llboy27.   
  • Reason for Fireteam Leaders and up is due to the fact that you are a leader of soldiers and when those soldiers go to contact you via steam we as leaders need to make ourselves as approachable as possible and that includes our soldiers knowing that they are talking to the right leader.  We are all responsible for the 3rd Infantry Division image and having all our leaders look professional as well as being professional will protect that image.
  • All other enlisted personnel are authorized to have whatever profile name they desire.  We encourage you to show others that you are a part of the 3rd Infantry Division by also having your profile name as RNK FI.Lastname, but until you take on the role of leading a team, it is not required!   


  • Within Teamspeak, the format of Rank Abbreviation followed by FirstInitial[period]Lastname (RNK FI.Lastname) shall be used. Example: LTC J.LaFlash
  • It is advisable to update your bookmarks to include your correct display name so that reconnects will have you properly within uniform.
  • You are permitted to append to your name temporarily to indicate activities. Example: LTC J.LaFlash | BRB  or  LTC J.LaFlash | Warfront

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