Retirement Policy / Proceedure

Reference the Discharge Policy :

On 5/20/2018 at 11:25 AM, LTC J.LaFlash said:

I wanted to get this in writing as I have seen this a lot as of late, no fault to anyone, however as you know when an NCO or Officer requests a retirement when we process we usually promote said NCO or Officer if they qualify for the next rank.  We have been missing this part, We do not or should not automatically promote.  They must meet the TIG/TIS for that next rank to qualify   IE:  SSG Smith was promoted to SSG last month, SSG Smith files a retirement this month,  SSG Smith would retire as a SSG. Not a SFC because he does not have 4 months TIG as a SSG to warrant it or has put in his time as a SSG.  CSTAFF R&A.

Thank you

How to process Retirement:

  1. Login to adminCP
  2. In the PERSCOM tab under the Personnel Section, select soldiers.


  3. Search for the soldier by name



  4. Click the dropdown arrow and select New Assignment Record



  5. The correct soldier should pre-populate, if not select the correct name. Adjust the date as needed. From Combat Unit is pre-populated with current assignment. You will need to select Retired  for the Assigned Unit, Position, and Status. Do not attach document.



  6. Click save and the soldier is now retired. The soldier will keep their relative DMOS permissions and assignments, if you wish to remove these they must be done by editing the soldier as outlined below. If they had CSTAFF permissions, these will also be kept and must be removed manually if required. 


Removing DMOS assignments:

  1. In adminCP under the PERSCOM Tab, Personnel Section, select the Soldiers link.
  2. Search for the soldier by name.
  3. Click the soldier's name or the edit button (pencil icon).


  4. Click the Administrative Duty Assignment(s) tab. In the drop down menu, simply click on any assignments you wish to remove. 


  5. Click save. You do not need to save each tab individually, simply edit any values needed in any tab, and when finished click save, all changes will be applied.


Removing CSTAFF permissions:

  1. In adminCP under the Members Tab, Members Section, select the Members link.
  2. Search for the soldier by name.
  3. Click the soldier's name or the view button (search icon). [You can note from this screen if the soldier is in the Command Staff group. If it's not listed here, they do not have Command Staff permissions and you are finished!]


  4. Under the Groups box on the left, click the edit link.


  5. Select the new Primary Group. In this case, Retired Personnel is the appropriate option. You should also check secondary groups to ensure they do not have Command Staff selected there either. [If the group has a grey or blue background, it is selected and the soldier will be kept/added to that group. You can ctrl+click to select multiple groups.] 



  6. Click save and you can then verify in the Groups box again that they no longer are in the Command Staff group.


Please do not hesitate to contact CPT A.Cantu if you encounter issues or need assistance!


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