Friday Night Fun Night (Old school style)

Here thee, Here thee

As some of you are aware this frriday I will be hosting a continous story on the RnR server. Below I have linked a google doc explaining the story of what is happening and why. (Disclaimer: ovciusly all of this is fictional)

Some aditional info about the op. It will be dynamic as in your actions will be effecting future events (in this story if we do have more). By popular vote we are gonna continue with our US side. 

I also will be utilizing a script for opfor command. Basically to make things as realistic and fair as possible I have reinplemented and old system developed by myself and some soldiers some 2 years ago. Proprietary zeus slots have a limit of 50M camera height and cannot see Blufor units. Also zeus camera cannot go beyond 150m of a Opfor/Greenfor hitbox. This makes it so as a zeus, once the script is launched, I cannot help the players in any way. For that I will be giving out curator to one person in order to fix any technical issues. 

Lastly the op will not be easy. While not elite these enemies are trained and will react properly, expect yourselves to get flanked by enemies if you stay in a position too long, and I have flanking units availible. 

Hope you see you on the 24th. 

Load up time 1820EST

Start time no later than 1900EST


Aditional mods requried:
Due to ACE update we also need this one:

All standart 3rd ID mods

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Due to technical issues the op is to be considered non-cannon and just forgotten about. Apoloies for the TS issues that caused it to be a shit show,

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