Useful utility programs.

So being technical field, I would like to share some of my useful programs that I've used in my years of computing. some programs i have used in the past or i am currently using. 

  1. Wise Care 365 - An all around system cleaner that will keep your computer running top notch and gets rid of any junk that can hinder your computers performance and storage/ Free to use. However, You may purchase if you feel that you need to use the added features 
  2. Malwarebytes - A Malware/Virus/Worm protector that is free, but again you can pay for it to utilize the real time protection if you feel that you need it.
  3. CCleaner - Another utility like Wise care but not as in-depth. This is a more basic utility to maintain your computer. Free to use but has the option for purchase 
  4. TeamViewer - Teamviewer is a utility that allows one person to remote connect to your computer in case you need help solving problem or you need to access you computer from home in case you forget to close something or need an important file. Free to use and can be purchased 
  5. HWMonitor - is a tool that is great to keep tabs on your overall thermals whether it be CPU,GPU or hard drives.  Free to use as well.
  6. CPU-Z - A utility that is mainly to see what some of the specs you have on your pc. (Free to use)
  7. TCPOptimizer - Is a utility that can improve your internet performance whether it would by ping or download/Upload speed. (Free to use)
  8. CrystalDiskInfo - Is a utility to check on the health of your HDD/SSD you suspect that your drive is failing. 
  9. PowerISO - An outstanding tool to make bootable usb thumb drives and/or CD's 
  10. Prime95 - A tool to ensure that your CPU is stabled when overclocked. 
  11. MSI After Burner -  A GPU overclocking tool that will overclock your GPU's performance and a hardware monitoring tool.


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1 hour ago, OCS M.Carter said:

Although most people dont advise it. I like to use Driver Booster to download all of my drivers. 


I usually stay away from software applications like those because of the bloatware and they make you pay for it. 


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For those of you that are crazy and like to OC your system, here's a good stress tester



This is meant for stress testing your CPU, if you don't have good cooling on your CPU, you run the risk of destroying your computer.

I take no responsibility if you brick your PC

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Usefull for the beginning IT students, one down is that u can only get it online, and its not sold anymore, comes from 2015


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Idle Master Extended

Useful program for those who want to collect steam cards faster, it idles multiple steam games at once to increase chances of a card drop. 

WARNING DO NOT play any steam games while this is running. VAC will think you are hacking and will possibly ban you.


Steam Cleaner

Installing/uninstalling games on steam leaves residual files that are sometimes hidden. This program finds them and deletes them.


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