Apologies in advance.

So last week i slipped up and called one of my comrades "sir" while having a chit chat during the convoy, Now i need to say this now and let everyone in the unit understand why this happened, Firstly i grew up in a house where we said yes sir no sir yes ma'am no ma'am this is something that is ingrained into my skull and etched into my way of speaking more so now that i work in a job that im basically mandated to say yes sir or yes ma'am, Secondly i wanted to be in the military as a child/of enlistment age teen/adult  i grew up knowing that a good soldier shows respect to one another no matter what rank they are now having joined the [3rdID] i understand that sir is for officers however as someone who is bottom of the totem pole everyone above me deserves respect even the members at my rank or lower. Thirdly  i will try my best to curb this habit but just know if i call you sir it is because im showing you respect as a person not just a soldier or officer.



okay ive said my peace.

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LMAO, I am pretty sure more people respect the fact that today there are still people who respect others like this my guy. The most youll get is a comment like they work for a living or that the're not an officer. lol youre all good my man im sure of it. Please do me a favor and yourself and stay motivated and make sure you have fun here man. you wanna hang out or something hmu. lol have a good one!🤣

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