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  • 3CAB - 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade

    Start: 12/19/21 20:00
    End: 12/19/21 22:00
    After action report

    Present outside of combat unit



    Provide troop transport and Cargo support for infantry as well at Recon/Attack/Escort via Air Weapons Team



    Areas of Strength

    Aviators had constant utilization and flight during the entire op. Pre-Mission briefing for aviators went really well.

    Areas of Weakness

    The biggest weakness was manning today. we were only able to support 2 aircraft. We had one 64 and a 60 to start, then the 60 crew had to convert into the 47 for supply and sling load ops leaving inserts to wait a bit longer. viper was providing escort for the Utility aircraft as it was flying close to the FLOT

    Suggested Improvements

    None today. we tried a new way of performing ops to keep people active at ALL times. 

    Mission Summary

    3CAB performed aerial resupply, troop transport and Armed escort operations while utilizing FARPs for HOT refuel and rearm. Performed Sling load operations. Viper provided attack for two separate engagements. 1 engagement involved artillery actively shooting Infantry

    Overall Sentiment