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  • 3/1/A-CO, 1-2IN - Alpha Company, First Platoon, Third Squad

    Start: 02/05/22 20:00
    End: 02/05/22 23:00
    After action report

    Present outside of combat unit

    SSG G.Tucci


    • Combat patrol over two towns
    • Teaching CPL D.Frost how to set up squad drills



    Areas of Strength

    Clearing buildings

    Areas of Weakness

    Sloppy communication at first which improved over time

    Suggested Improvements


    Mission Summary

    This squad drill was dedicated for CPL D.Frost to have a go at creating and leading his own squad drill; I introduced him to Zeus and helped him along in setting up our two objectives, OBJ Bingus and OBJ Floppa. Frost put down troops and garrisoned them and he set up an ammo cache at OBJ Floppa.
    Once drills begun I let Frost take the reins of the squad as I filled in the squad medic position, from there I constantly monitored his and the squad's performance through Zeus and gave advice to Frost which included presenting him with options and what to do, as well as small tips related to leading the squad and making the drill more engaging.
    Overall nothing to note can be said for how the drill went; we cleared OBJ Bingus and then moved on to OBJ Floppa without any major incident,

    Overall Frost's performance was adequate; he lacked a lot of the confidence at the beginning which was to be expected however towards the end of OBJ Bingus I noticed that all the leaders "clicked" and started constantly communicating with each other and Frost was looking more confident in ordering the two teams around. All Frost needs is more experience as a squad leader.

    Overall Sentiment