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    • 3rd ID Celebrates 21st anniversary, fireworks sold seperately



      The 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit was established on July 4th, 2003, during a period when military simulation games were gaining popularity. Our founders Lieutenant Colonel D.Toby and Major J.Mathews were fans of series like America's Army and Day of Defeat and sought to create a more structured and realistic gaming environment that mirrored actual military operations. Inspired by the storied history of the 3rd Infantry Division, known for its service in World War I, World War II, and various conflicts thereafter, the unit adopted its name and ethos.

      In May 2006 our current Battalion commander Major John LaFlash began his storied career with the 3rd ID. Rapidly climbing the ranks to Second Lieutenant and leading our First Platoon Widowmakers. By March of 2008 the Major was promoted to Captain and given command of Alpha Company. The Majors leadership was crucial to the success of the unit throughout the years. He oversaw the transfer from Arma 2 to our current platform, Arma 3, in September of 2013. Overseeing the opening and closure of various companies for our supported games such as America’s Army, Battlefield 2 and Insurgency. In December of 2019 we finally settled on a single company supporting Arma 3. Thus, the structure we still maintain to this day.

      The 3rd ID meticulously models its structure after the real 3rd Infantry Division. This includes a detailed rank system, specialized roles, and an emphasis on training and discipline. Members undergo rigorous training programs that teach them the fundamentals of military tactics, communication, and leadership. The unit’s hierarchy ensures that members can progress through the ranks by demonstrating skill, dedication, and teamwork.

      Central to the 3rd ID experience are the organized operations and missions. These events are meticulously planned and executed, often drawing on real-world military tactics and strategies. Members participate in various roles, from infantry and recon to aviation and support, working together to accomplish mission objectives. These operations provide an immersive experience, challenging members to think critically, communicate effectively, and perform under pressure.

      The 3rd ID prides itself on fostering a strong sense of community. Members share a common interest in military history and simulation, creating bonds through shared experiences and teamwork. The unit’s culture emphasizes respect, camaraderie, and continuous improvement, ensuring that new recruits are welcomed and mentored by more experienced members.

      Over the years, the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit has grown and evolved, attracting members from around the world. Its commitment to realism and authenticity has made it a respected name in the military simulation gaming community. The unit’s activities extend beyond gaming, with members often participating in real-life events, military history discussions, and charitable activities.

      In conclusion, we stand as a testament to the enduring appeal of military simulation gaming. By combining historical reverence with modern technology, the 3rd ID offers a unique and enriching experience for its members, honoring the legacy of the real 3rd Infantry Division while forging its own path in the digital realm.

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