• Halloween - PUB A THON - 31OCT2020 1300EST


    Join in on our 12 hrs of pub-a-thon fun from Saturday 31st October starting at 1300EST thru 0100EST.  This is a 12 hrs Gaming event (Join anytime) - The event will be held in our Vanilla Public Server on Arma and our TeamSpeak.

    Soldiers (Current/Former) and Civilians are encouraged to join us in public play on our 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit Servers during the times listed above, join in on camaraderie with the gaming community. We will have members on throughout the night and into the morning! We are inviting everyone to this event, come meet new people get to know our members and other members of the community and just have a good time!  

    During this time all Soldiers are encouraged to recruit public players into our Teamspeak and possibly into our unit.

     Join our teamspeak;
    Server IP:  

  • OSUT Graduation - 17OCT2020


    Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class 20-40 (ARMA3) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be full active members of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah

    Private Second Class Paul Liwa 316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003dASR.png.936e64043018b5314cbbb9c5ea2162d7
    Private Second Class David Marsh 316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003dASR.png.936e64043018b5314cbbb9c5ea2162d7
    Private Second Class Nicholas Lee1116968825_RifleSharpshooter.png.6d2f9d2ASR.png.936e64043018b5314cbbb9c5ea2162d7



  • Combat Lifesaver Course - 15OCT2020


    Congratulations to the soldiers of Combat Lifesaver Course class 20-04 (ARMA3) for successful completion of Combat Lifesaver training! The Combat Lifesaver Course is the official medical training course conducted by the US Army, intended to provide an intermediate step between the buddy aid-style basic life support taught to every soldier. The combat lifesaver is primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment at point of wounding on the battlefield, limited primary care, and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness.


    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Michael Luckie
    pfc.png.c5dadadf1427d9215d6df1a063b48acdPrivate First Class Brandon Perez


    ssg.png.a010b3517445f30facf1cb1cc6ba7b27Staff Sergeant Christoph Brock
    pfc.png.c5dadadf1427d9215d6df1a063b48acdPrivate First Class Steve Klein

  • U.S. Navy Celebrates 245th Birthday


    Graphic credit: U.S. Navy


    Today the United States Navy celebrates 245 years of service to our nation.


    Founded by an Act of the Continental Congress on October 13, 1775, the Continental Navy was originally comprised of, “a swift sailing vessel, to carry ten carriage guns, and a proportionable number of swivels, with eighty men, be fitted, with all possible despatch, for a cruise of three months….”


    In these early days, privateers were commissioned to raid and disrupt British naval resupply of North America, playing an important tactical role against a wealthy and well-equipped enemy.


    After the American victory in the Revolutionary War, Congress went further to establish the Department of the Navy in order to maintain a national fleet.


    Throughout its storied history, American naval forces have served in a large number of battles. From skirmishes with French vessels during the XYZ Affair of 1798 to a naval invasion during the First Barbary War to pitched battles in the War of 1812, sailors served with distinction at sea.The fleet rose and fell during the 19th century, fighting in the Mexican-American War, American Civil War, and other conflicts.


    The Navy began to modernize in the decades leading to the 20th century, constructing a large number of modern ships. With the U.S. victory in the Spanish-American War, the modern Navy came of age. Fighting in World War I and a number of “Small Wars”, our sailors would eventually become legendary for their service in World War II and beyond. This period marked the beginning of aircraft carrier warfare and the maturation of submarine warfare.


    Over the centuries, the Navy has made a number of contributions to our national defense. The United States was the first nation to use submarines, modern dreadnought battleships, aircraft, and aircraft carriers in its naval service.


    This week, the U.S. Navy is celebrating its heritage under the theme “Victory at Sea”. Commemorative programs worldwide will focus on the Navy’s hard-fought contributions during World War II. From the Battle of Midway to the Battle to the Battle of the Philippine Sea to the Battle of Okinawa, American naval forces fought and won tremendously against the Empire of Japan.


    Today the Navy is unmatched around the globe, with more fleet tonnage than the next 13 national navies combined. Our naval forces include over 336,000 Active Duty and 101,000 Reserve personnel, 290 deployable combat vessels, and more than 3,700 aircraft. American sailors stand ready to face the security challenges of the next century.

  • Land Navigation Course - 10OCT2020


    Congratulations to the soldiers of Land Navigation Course class 20-04 (ARMA3) for successful completion of Land Navigation training! The Land Navigation course is designed teach the fundamentals of basic land navigating skills. This course assists Soldiers in Infantry and non-Infantry fitted rolls to understand the techniques required to land navigate. Students learn navigating from one point on the ground to another point individually. 


    cpl.png.bd9337faed072c5c25dbd13c98540307Corporal James Kiheri
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Michael Luckie
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Clifford Simpkins
    1LT.png.1b0e3d72f339a67e06936545ba08e4c3First Lieutenant Quentin Simmons


    ssg.png.a010b3517445f30facf1cb1cc6ba7b27Staff Sergeant Christoph Brock
    spc.png.ae595d351b6231e0c4fbf1a451b96686Specialist Anthony Sam