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  • Insurgency: Sandstorm releases


    We're excited to announce that Insurgency: Sandstorm's full release will be available on PC as of December 12, 2018!  Bravo Company Misfits under the command of Company Commander First Lieutenant Doug Lipnitz and First Platoon Leader OCS Matthew Carter, First Platoon First Squad Jesters will push towards active recruitment within Insurgency Sandstorm.   First Lieutenant Lipnitz and Bravo Company started the initial transformation to Insurgency Sandstorm in November 2017 and over the last year having soldier participate in closed Alphas and Beta to help build the foundation of First Platoons launch into Sandstorm.  

    Prepare for battle with the new launch trailer, and then get online at 6pm CET/9am PST for your choice of co-op or competitive, large- or small-scale matches in this fictional, contemporary Middle Eastern conflict. Insurgency: Sandstorm is a game of team-based tactics and objective-oriented gameplay complete with player versus player, competitive matchmaking and co-operative game modes versus AI. Your soldier’s appearance, weapons, attachments, armor, and equipment are all up to you. Call in airstrikes, use vehicles with mounted weapons, and equip a wide range of specialist weaponry from grenades to drones to C4 explosives.

    Prepare for a hardcore depiction of combat with deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, destructive artillery, and unprecedented audio design putting the fear back into the genre. Death comes fast, ammunition must be carefully managed, and the environment must be tactically navigated at every step toward victory.

  • Promotion Ceremony | 02 December

    Command Staff wishes all our soldier safe and happy holidays!
    Holiday Furlough will begin on the the 21st and last until the 2nd of January. During this time, you do not need to TPR, LOA, or Muster. We will still be having regular events though!
    Our annual New Year's Pub-A-Thon will go as usual, hope to see you there!

    Promoted to Staff Sergeant
    Phillip Stowe
    Promoted to Corporal
    Eliel Piispanen, Jack Ryan
    Promoted to Specialist
    Jon Bryan, Nuno Moreira, Masaki Moro, Anthony Rizzo, Timothy Whalen
    Promoted to Private First Class
    Erik Babol, Wouter Bensink, James Milan


    Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
    Mike Murakami


    Army Commendation Medal
    Joseph Rizzo

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Jasmine Johnson, Garry Beaudoin, Daniel Shade

    Armed Forces Service Medal
    Garry Beaudoin, Wolffe Fives, Kalin Grigorov, Daniel Shade

    Army Achievement Medal
    Matthew Baldwin

    Good Conduct Medal
    Dana Cantu, Doug Lipnitz, Mike Murakami, Garry Beaudoin, Phillip Stowe, Hunter Hannaford, Walter O'Reilly, Jack Ryan, Ty Bowen, Michael Marks, Timothy Whalen, Yarden Nissan, Nate Hoser


  • Commander's Message: Thanksgiving Safety Briefing


    The weather has gotten colder, and the days  shorter. The leaves have changed and fallen from their branches. For us, late November is more than a seasonal change: It is a time for spending with Family and Friends

    Many, however, are not so fortunate as to spend time with their Families. This Thanksgiving Day, I ask each of you to remember the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen separated from their loved ones and pray for their safe return. Their sacrifice makes it possible for others to know freedom from oppression and fear and instills hope for the future. For the Families with loved ones deployed, the holiday can be challenging. Thanksgiving is about Family and our community is a Family.

    I think it is worth taking a moment to express some gratitude and reflect on this day, which was set aside by our Nation to reflect and be grateful for the freedom, and opportunity we have here.  As John F. Kennedy said, “We must find the time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

    Wherever you are, if you are at home, with family, traveling, or just enjoying something you take pleasure and find peace in, Command Staff  and I wish you the very best this thanksgiving and are grateful for all you do serving without our unit!    And of course "If you drive don't drink, if you drink don't drive and if you drink, don't drink alone!" 


    - Battleboar 6

  • 101 Years of Greatness

    Happy Birthday to the US Army's Third Infantry Division!

  • Promotion Ceremony | 04 November

    Our new website is live! Take a look around and make yourself at home!
    This month we see Lieutenant Nick Lipnitz retiring from service. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years!

    Promoted to Officer Candidate
    Mathew Carter

    Promoted to Sergeant
    Isaiah Delgado, David Keaton

    Promoted to Corporal
    Hunter Hannaford, Justyn Martin

    Promoted to Specialist
    Anthony Jones, Micheal Marks, Corey Miller, Yarden Nissan, Jack Ryan, Mike Tymms

    Promoted to Private First Class
    Luka Gregurevic, Harvey Moro, Timothy Whalen


    Meritorious Service Medal
    Arthur Cantu, Dana Cantu

    Joint Service Commendation Medal
    Elgin Gilmore

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Brad Ahles, Kalin Grigorov

    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
    Justin Franc

    Army Achievement Medal
    Garry Beaudoin, Wolffe Fives, Geovanie Hernandez, Arba McCullough, Jack Ryan, Daniel Shade

    Good Conduct Medal
    Brad Ahles, Matthew Baldwin, John Bolten, Mathew Carter, Wolffe Fives, Jackson Fortune, Justin Franc, Maarten Gregoire, Dakota Hicks, Joe Lex, Justyn Martin, Israel Rangel, Joseph Rizzo, Daniel Shade

    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    Yarden Nissan

    Operation Freedom's Sentinel Service Ribbon
    Valorous Unit Award
    LTC J.LaFlash, CPT D.Cantu, CPT A.Cantu, CPT Q.Simmons, CPT D.Strickland, 1LT B.Boville, 1LT D.Hardy, 1LT D.Lipnitz, 2LT J.Johnson, 2LT N.Lipnitz, 2LT R.Mellott, 2LT M.Murakami, SGM R.Wendt, 1SG E.Gilmore, , CW3 B.Ahles, CW3 J.Lex, CW2 J.Franc, MSG N.Primrose, SFC G.Beaudoin, SFC H.Lipnitz, SFC A.Lunsford, SFC J.Rizzo, SFC E.Verhein, SSG W.Fives, SSG P.Grewal, SSG K.Grigorov, SSG J.LaFlash, SSG D.Shade, SSG M.Miller, SSG J.Mott, SSG C.Murdoch, SSG S.Peterman, SSG H.Strickland, OCS M.Carter, SGT M.Baldwin, SGT A.Bee, SGT M.Benitez, SGT G.Bluehair, SGT P.Fransson, SGT D.Keaton, SGT B.Langford, SGT J.Rauan, SGT P.Stowe, WOC M.Gregoire, CPL G.Ancheta, CPL J.Feagin, CPL H.Hannaford, CPL D.Hicks, CPL J.Martin, CPL A.McCullough, CPL W.O’Reilly, CPL I.Rangel, CPL I.Steacie, SPC M.Berdeaux, SPC J.Bolten, SPC T.Bowen, SPC S.Canning, SPC B.Denlis, SPC J.Fortune, SPC G.Hernandez, SPC A.Jones, SPC L.Lambert, SPC M.Marks, SPC C.Miller, SPC Y.Nissan, SPC E.Piispanen, SPC J.Ryan, SPC C.Sheffield, PFC D.Fernandez, PFC T.Laramee, PFC S.LaVie, PFC N.Moreira, PFC A.Rizzo, PFC K.Shriner, PFC E.Watson, PFC T.Whalen, PV2 W.Bensink, PV2 T.Bridges, PV2 D.Bursac, PV2 A.Hoser, PV2 B.Pond, PVT D.Schneider, PVT G.Sharp, PVT B.Tulip