M1126 Stryker Combat vehicle assaults the Huzrutiman Militia Camp

    Alpha Company 1-2 INF MILSIM swept into the town of Sultansafe on Sunday, recapturing the city as the Islamic State group’s grip crumbled from the fighting. The trapped residents took advantage of the militant’s retreat and welcomed the US forces.

    Early that afternoon, A.Co. 1st Platoon punched into the city center assaulting enemy forces and by evening a spokesman for the US led force was able to report that troops had taken 100 percent control of the town.  It was a major step regaining a major foothold in the province. “We promised to liberate Sultansafe, and it has returned to the embrace of the nation,” he said.

    1st Platoon continued the assault southwest of the town where the enemy fighters were still holding out in the Huzrutiman Militia Camp.  As the forces maneuvered towards the camp they were met with intense fighting. Reportedly 22 enemy personnel killed, 1 transport jeep and 2x BMP were destroyed in the assault. Although they sustained injuries no casualties were reported from US forces.


      Second destroyed BMP during assault of Huzrutiman Militia Camp

    This victory however is only the beginning. With battles to clear out pockets of fighters holed up in different districts still to be fought. The focus will now have to shift to many issues within the town that if left unchallenged will result in more instability.


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