• Alpha Company Award Ceremony - 08DEC19


    The Alpha company awards ceremony is a special occasion to allow the unit commander to honor recipients who have been recognized for their accomplishments while assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division Milsim.  The ceremony marked the opening of First Platoon's newest squad, Second Squad "Ghosts" Under the leadership of Corporal Kevin Stubbs.

    This month, Major John LaFlash held a ceremony to recognize...

    The following were promoted from


    Private Second Class to Private First Class

    Nick Romanov


    Private First Class to Specialist

     Justin Chan

    Richard Anderson

    Joshua Blyskal

    John Kale


    Specialist to Corporal

    Kyle Fear


    Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant

    Brad Ahles

    The following commendations have been awarded by the 3rd Infantry Commander 


    Good Conduct Medal, GCM

    John LaFlash

     Garry Beaudoin

    Kevin Stubbs

    Curtis Brennan



    National Defense Service Medal, NDSM

    Bailey Smith

    Casey Clinkscales

    Devin Fernandez

    Tyler Phelps



    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM

    (Donation of $50 or more within the prior month)

    Bailey Smith



    Army Achievement Medal, AAM

    Kevin Stubbs

    David Sklenar



    Army Commendation Medal, ACM

     Bailey Lambert



    Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM

    Brad Ahles



    Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM

     Bailey Lambert

    Closing notes from the ceremony

    Holiday Exodus Starting Monday Dec 23rd Thru  Friday January 3rd. (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

    New Squad opening = Growth/ advancement opportunities 


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