• New Website Launch

    Welcome to our new home soldiers!
    Well over a year in the making and developing of this beautiful state of the art website, we present to you the next phase in the 3rd Infantry Division Realism Unit. With complements of a newly developed PERSCOM system, new uniforms/signatures, and all the bells and whistles for an easy navigational forums layout.  Huge shout out to all those involved in the development, design and transfer of data to our new home.  Captain Arthur Cantu and his small team of dedicated soldiers have really outdone themselves!  

    Quick history lesson - We launched and operated on our prior website version for since September 2014 ( over 4 years), since then we have conducted eight (8) operations as a unit, RRO has accepted 2,110 soldiers into the unit (just shy of 3,000 total applications), FIG has conducted 453 Basic/ Advanced training course and CID has completed 4,085 uniform updates in that same time period.  There are not many words to describe those numbers above besides "Outstanding" and "Dedicated".  Literally thousands of soldiers and leaders are responsible for the success we have had since  that launch!

    Lets kick the tires, check the gauges, and get behind the wheel of our new site in the coming days, make it your own and be proud that you're a Dog Faced Soldier!  



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