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    • Nation Observes Medal of Honor Day

      Image Credit: Amy Givens, Nebraska National Guard

      Today the United States marks Medal of Honor Day, commemorating the heroism and selflessness of awardees.

      The nation first celebrated the holiday on March 25, 1991 under the leadership of President George W. Bush.

      The date, March 25, was chosen in remembrance of the first six recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. These men were awarded on March 25, 1863 for actions performed during the famed Great Locomotive Chase.

      Nationwide, groups and individuals paused to remember the 3,516 Medal of Honor recipients who have served our nation well. Of this total, 65 awardees are alive today.

      The Medal of Honor signifies heroism, but also sacrifice. Let us remember the hard realities and the costs of war. And let us never forget those who gave everything they had so that we can enjoy what we have today.

    • Airborne School 23-01


      The Parachutist Badge, also commonly referred to as "Jump Wings" or "Silver Wings" is a military badge of the United States Armed Forces awarded to members awarded to U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.

      Congratulations to the class of 23-01 (ARMA3) for completing Airborne School. Soldiers who have completed the school for the first time shall be awarded their Basic Parachutist Badge. Great job to everyone who attended. Airborne!


      CPL Jordan Duck1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png
      CPL Austin Bills1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png
      CPL James Nicholas1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png
      SPC Danny Smiricky1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png
      SPC Jake Starling1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png
      PFC Piper Byrde1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png
      PFC David Hughson1311767085_BasicParaBadge.png.51b6ecdea5fd0f0c8856e153da9deeab.png.416184cd1f43d65f5d2f2db40a2a306d.png

      1SG C.Brock (Jumpmaster)
      MAJ J.LaFlash (Safety Officer)
      SSG R.Ivanov (Safety Officer)

      WO1 J.Tracey


    • OSUT GRADUATION #23-11


      Congratulations to the Soldier of OSUT Class 23-11 (ARMA) for successful completion of training! This Soldier has been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be a full active member of his squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah!



      https://3rdinf.us/uploads/rank_images/pv2.png.5a1409a6e013113034a1ac40047ffbe5.pngPV2 Jack Sharpe ASR.png.a7c2cadb2aba55658ebcb2d00f952ba5.png.e7057a120d985b9da6f67aaa3fd86dcd.pnghttps://3rdinf.us/uploads/monthly_2018_09/1116968825_RifleSharpshooter.png.6d2f9d2418dbc3e3a9a26a21798aee6a.png



      https://3rdinf.us/uploads/rank_images/WO1.png.6a764e40271c156d9bfa0fe439335954.pngWO1 A. Nikeus
        cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611.png.9a8eb59e1a8de8b19a3cf6117ab7cc24.pngCPL D.McKenzie


    • Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins


      March 20th, 2003.

      The Country of Iraq has been invaded by a Coalition of  English, Australians, Polish, and the Peshmerga Kurdish, with the support of the Danish, Dutch, Italians, and Spanish. All were led by the United States with a combined troop force of 309,000. The purpose; was to overthrow the Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein, along with the Governmental Ba'ath Party, as well as continue the global recognition of the country of Kurdistan Autonomous Region. 

      At the end of the nearly 9-year-long conflict, NATO casualties mounted to 143,000.
      While the Iraqi Military and Insurgent fighters mounted nearly 72,000 casualties.

    • OSUT GRADUATION #23-10


      Congratulations to the soldiers of OSUT class 23-10 (ARMA) for successful completion of training! These soldiers have been awarded the Army Service Ribbon and have earned the right to be full active members of their squad and the unit! This is merely the first step in your career here at 3rdID, we look forward to your continued success! Hooah



      pvt.png.65f6666415e499e38388e787bc681754.png.f592348fdd0dfc17997f7b1f7d20e7f3.pngPVT Edgar Banuelos ASR.png.a7c2cadb2aba55658ebcb2d00f952ba5.png.e7057a120d985b9da6f67aaa3fd86dcd.png 316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003d7bbbf7ab91202ee2a3.png.452ad99bd546dbc70c7b14e1535f7910.png

      pvt.png.65f6666415e499e38388e787bc681754.png.f592348fdd0dfc17997f7b1f7d20e7f3.pngPVT Papasotiriou Bill ASR.png.a7c2cadb2aba55658ebcb2d00f952ba5.png.e7057a120d985b9da6f67aaa3fd86dcd.png 316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003d7bbbf7ab91202ee2a3.png.452ad99bd546dbc70c7b14e1535f7910.png

      pvt.png.65f6666415e499e38388e787bc681754.png.f592348fdd0dfc17997f7b1f7d20e7f3.pngPVT Peter Goodwill ASR.png.a7c2cadb2aba55658ebcb2d00f952ba5.png.e7057a120d985b9da6f67aaa3fd86dcd.png 316658093_RifleExpert.png.670bd6c132003d7bbbf7ab91202ee2a3.png.452ad99bd546dbc70c7b14e1535f7910.png



        cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611.png.9a8eb59e1a8de8b19a3cf6117ab7cc24.pngCPL D.McKenzie

      cpl.png.5636e56b7ef250f77f9d558d5e948611.png.9a8eb59e1a8de8b19a3cf6117ab7cc24.pngCPL A.Shocked

      spc.png.7cdaf4da863f968b0bb2dddba8ddbadb.png.3f908c603ff12372f2e54ed9dfc64849.pngSPC P.Perez

      pfc.png.b9c4a55caf631dfe710a39e16b5841ad.png.6233ac1a9fd057fdd14c12a7989a2271.pngPFC J.Bristow