• Promotion Ceremony | 03 February

    As LTC said, "January was a long year!" Joking aside, February is here and we are in full swing already. January saw a lot of pub play in all our games. Keep up this momentum, lets get that recruiting going! Look ahead for upcoming schools. WLC was pushed back to later this month, so be sure to sign up for that!

    Promoted to Captain
    Doug Lipnitz
    Promoted to First Lieutenant
    Jasmine Johnson
    Promoted to Sergeant
    Arba McCullough, Hunter Hannaford

    Promoted to Specialist
    Christopher Bolitho, Devin Fernandez, Nate Hoser, Keith Lillie, James McKay, Kohen Shriner, Bailey Smith, Yonatan Suponitsky, James Young


    Promoted to Private First Class
    Carter Meeps, Dustin Moreland


    Army Achievement Medal
    Devin Fernandez, Hunter Hannaford

    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
    Joseph Rizzo, Matthew Baldwin

    Armed Forces Service Medal
    Mike Murakami, Elgin Gilmore

    Humanitarian Service Medal
    Elgin Gilmore

    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    Joseph Rizzo (Valor)

    Overseas Service Ribbon
    Doug Lipnitz

    Basic Parachute Badge
    Arba McCullough, Jack Ryan, Nuno Moreira, Bailey Smith, Jon Davis

    Good Conduct Medal
    Guillermo Ancheta, Matthew Baldwin, John Bolten, Mathew Carter, Jonathon Feagin, Devin Fernandez, Wolffe Fives, Phillip Horne, Jasmine Johnson, Justyn Martin, Ronald Mellott, Anthony Rizzo, Joseph Rizzo, Ethan Verhein


Edited by CPT A.Cantu

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