• Promotion Ceremony | 06 January

    Welcome back soldiers! As we move into 2019, lets reflect on the success we had in 2018 and set the bar high for the year to come!
    We will be having Airborne School, Air Assault, and Warrior Leaders Course in the coming months, so be on the look out for those!
    Congratulations to our Soldier's of the Quarter!

    Commissioned as Second Lieutenant
    Mathew Carter
    Warranted as Warrant Officer 1
    Quincy Morton
    Promoted to Corporal
    John Bolten, Nuno Moreira

    Promoted to Specialist
    Erik Babol, Wouter Bensink, James Milan


    Promoted to Private First Class
    Phillip Horne, Nate Hoser, James McKay, Bailey Smith, Yonatan Suponitsky


    Soldier's Medal (Soldier of the Quarter
    Jack Ryan (Alpha Company), Harvey Moro (Bravo Company)

    Army Commendation Medal
    Jasmine Johnson

    Army Achievement Medal
    Guillermo Ancheta, Isaiah Delgado, David Keaton, Arba McCullough, Nuno Moreira, , Harvey Moro, Eliel Piispanen, Anthony Rizzo, Phillip Stowe

    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
    Jonathan Feagin

    Good Conduct Medal
    Quinton Simmons, Arthur Cantu, Elgin Gilmore, Kalin Grigorov, Eliel Piispanen, Geovanie Hernandez, Nuno Moreira, Anthony Jones, Wouter Bensink, Erik Babol, Drew Schnieder, Yonatan Suponistsky, Patrick Verot, Adi Bar, Quincy Morton, Harvey Moro, David Keaton, James Young, Keith Lillie, Isaiah Delgado, Mike Tymms


Edited by CPT A.Cantu

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