• Promotions and Awards Ceremony | August 2018

    Last month we had a surge in donations and recruiting efforts. We are making great progress in Operation Freedom's Sentinel. Keep up the great work 3rdID!

    Captain Dana Cantu - 4 years
    SPC N.Udeanu - 1 year

    The promotions and awards are as follows;

    BCT Graduates of Month:

    Specialist Kevin Stubbs
    Private First Class Clayton Bigsby, Kohen Shriner,  Joshua Connet, Ty Bowen, Hunter Hannaford, Vikku Septim
    Private Second Class Andrew Simon
    Private Trainee Blaine Gustafson, Bailey Smith, Corey Miller, Zachary Peterson, Finn Henry, Bradley Tulip, Gabriel Sharp

    Promoted to Private First Class
    Hunter Hannaford, Kohen Shriner, Ty Bowen


    Promoted to Specialist
    Kevin Stubbs, Arba McCullough, Jonathon Feagin, Jacob Graves, Justyn Martin



    Promoted to Corporal
    Gordon Bluehair, Caleb Wiggs, William Blackwell



    Promoted to Sergeant
    Matthew Baldwin



    Promoted to Staff Sergeant
    Wolffe Fives, Jacob Theriault



    Promoted to Sergeant First Class
    Ethan Verhein, Joseph Rizzo



    Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3
    Joe Lex



    Commissioned as Second Lieutenant
    Nicholas Lipnitz, Ronald Mellot


    Army Service Ribbon, ASR
    Specialist Kevin Stubbs, Private First Class Clayton Bigsby, Private First Class Kohen Shriner, Private First Class Joshua Connet, Private First Class Ty Bowen, Private First Class Hunter Hannaford, Private First Class Vikku Septim, Private Second Class Andrew Simon


    Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, MOVSM
    First Lieutenant Douglas Lipnitz, Sergeant First Class Joseph Rizzo, Sergeant Russ Reid, Private First Class Nuno Moreira, Private First Class Clayton Bigsby, Private Trainee John Henington


    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, GWOTSM
    Sergeant First Class Ethan Verhein, Corporal William Blackwell


    National Defense Service Medal, NDSM
    Private Trainee Zachary Peterson, Private Trainee John Henington

    Good Conduct Medal, GCM
    Lieutenant-Colonel John LaFlash, Second Lieutenant Jasmine Johnson, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Brad Ahles, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Joe Lex, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Justin Franc, Staff Sergeant James Mott, Staff Sergeant Matthew Carter, Corporal William Blackwell, Corporal Jackson Fortune, Corporal Dakota Hicks, ,Specialist Skyler Zant, Specialist Kevin Stubbs, Specialist Emil Michev, Specialist Jonathon Feagin, Specialist Arba McCullough, Specialist Justyn Martin, Specialist Jacob Graves


    Army Achievement Medal, AAM
    Staff Sergeant Kalin Grigorov, Sergeant Peter Fransson, Sergeant Angie Bee, Corporal Gordon Bluehair, Corporal Jackson Fortune, Specialist Jacob Graves, Specialist Israel Rangel


    Joint Service Commendation Medal, JSCM
    Sergeant First Class Joseph Rizzo, Staff Sergeant Matthew Carter


    Army Commendation Medal, ACM
    Sergeant First Class Garry Beaudoin, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Joe Lex, Staff Sergeant Wolffe Fives, Corporal Maarten Gregoire


    Armed Forces Service Medal, AFSM
    Staff Sergeant Matthew Carter


    Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, AFEM
    Specialist Sacha Canning


    Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB
    Specialist Jonathon Feagin, Specialist Justyn Martin, Specialist Jacob Graves, Private First Class Joshua Connet, Private Second Class Eliel Piispanen, Private Trainee Bailey Smith, Private Trainee Corey Miller, Private Trainee Finn Henry, Private Trainee Bradley Tulip, Private Trainee Anthony Jones

Edited by CPT A.Cantu

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