• Ranger School Graduation 09JUN19


    Ranger School teaches members leadership skills in a 12-hour high intensity course. This themed Ranger School this year; every ranger candidate and cadre will be representing Rangers as they would have appeared in the 1980s: woodland BDUs, boonie hats, old style M16s, and more.The first phase of this themed Ranger School was an introduction and explanation of the mission along with a quick training on the procedures and tactics that were expected and utilized to complete the objectives. Once the training phase was over, the mission started with setting up the camp hours after midnight and guarding the camp/going on patrols during the 9 hours night. The course ended with 2-3 hours of intensive combat shortly paused for briefings between missions. 

    CW2 Q.Morton ranger.png.89deaaee3bba9005786e82eb970d5 


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