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  • Operation Red Leopard



      Hell's Gate


      Market Garden


      Brown Avalanche



    Deployable Units:

    • 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division "Spartans"
      • Alpha Company, First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg, 3rd Infantry Division
      • Bravo Company, First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg, 3rd Infantry Division
    • 2nd Aviation Detachment, 3rd Infantry Division
    • US Army Support elements


    The Cecanian Police are currently struggling to hold off the ever growing force of drug smugglers known as the Abramian Rebel Alliance in the Republic of Abramia. The Republic of Abramia government has appealed to the NATO for help in strengthen security in their territory. The Republic of Abramia government are heavily underfunded using UAZs for transport, very primitive air, and a very limited supply chains. The CEC Forces are composed of about 100-200 men, armed with soviet era weapons. They are currently trying the stop the drug smugglers from overthrowing the island's government (democracy) lead by President General Ivan Dragan but within a few weeks and without help the government will be overthrown.  Back in 2006 President General Dragan performed Coup d'etat on Abramia and took control of the country. The overthrown president, President Stefan Olav, was corrupt by allowing these drug smugglers into the territory.   The overthrown president had been murdered in main square and all of his staff has been put to prison. Gen. Dragan set a curfew, requiring everyone to be indoors during night time to help protect them from the Abramian Rebel Alliance which has been getting stronger and stronger as the funding for the Abramia Government has been depleting over the years.  There has been rumors that many staff members in President General Dragan cabinet are still have strong ties to the former president family and President General Dragan has stated his concerns about further corruption within the  Republic of Abramia Government.

    NATO has alerted United States Central Command’s (CENTCOM) Combatant Commander General Joseph  Votel who issued readiness orders to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division "Spartans" to begin pre mobilization training to assist in Abramia.

    Main Story Line

    President General Ivan Dragan and the Republic of Abramia Government has informed us that the Abramian Rebel Alliance is a faction that is lead by Aslan Temir which was the son of the former president that General Dragan overthrew back in 2006.  Its saids to believed that Aslan Temir and the  Abramian Rebel Alliance are larger than what can be confirmed by the Abramia Government.  Rumors are that the Abramian Rebel Alliance have multiple cell working throughout the territory of Abramia but it's unconfirmed how many cells they have and what they are fully capable of doing. Intel received from some civilian populace says the majority of the cells are drug traffickers, including the largest, but others specialise in human and arms trafficking is rumored as well. They also have ties in the government and are very well funded by there actions. They never attack in large groups, neither do they keep strongholds or control cities, they conduct hit and run tactics and strike fear into the hearts of who ever they don't like. They do have camps throughout Abramia, but they are small and are easily moved, therefore conducting an attack on their camp is very hard to do. They are an elusive enemy that can pop out of anywhere without warning then vanish into nowhere with no trace, asymmetrical warfare. Our US Forces will struggle to fight this mobile enemy as they can see us coming from long distances and escape before US Forces even arrive. Is said that their weaponry will consist of anything from soviet era AKs, too m16s, 50cal MGs to snipers, as they have access to weapons from the arms trafficking on the island they have no shortage of weapons and no restrictions as to what they can use. In terms of vehicles they have less of an arsenal, as it is an island, smuggling tanks and armoured cars in is very hard, and to keep them hidden from the CEC police and forces are even harder, therefore they are not equipped with heavy vehicles, also, if they were to use large vehicles they would become less mobile and therefore lose their advantage of speed. They do however have access to civilian helicopters as they have a lot of money and they can be used to transport people and supplies around, they also use light aircraft and small boats to ship supplies in and out of the main island. The reason this island in particular is so notorious for its trafficking is because the underfunded police and corruption in the government means hiding weapons and other items like drugs is easy and there's a lower threat to them. In order to stop them from being able to continue their operations from this island, we need to capture the head of it all, Aslan Temir  and if we will do this relatively soon, this will stop the large scale attacks that will occur on the police force and local civilian population. These cells are like gorillas and have no set uniform, they can blend in with the civilians and disappear,however they do not make wise scales use of IEDS and roadside bombs as they value their island and don't want to blow up their own infrastructure.  Aslan Temir has a very indepth  infrastructure of many ringer leaders for the multiple cells running in the area and with the corruption within President General Dragan government staff will prove difficult to counter Aslan Temir’s Abramian Rebel Alliance.

    2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division having just coming off deployment from the territory of Al Rayak will continue onto Fort Irwin’s National Training Center to get more training on continuous counterinsurgency operations that reflected the ongoing and rapidly changing battlefield. Upon completion of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team rotation through the National Training Center they are set to deploy to Estonia’s Island of Prato (092063) just off coast of the territory of Abramia in support of the Republic of Abramia Government and the Cecanian Forces. The Estonian and Finland governments has placed diplomatic sanctions on Republic of Abramia which include assets freeze, travel ban, and arms embargo against the former President Stefan Olav that has been in place for a decade now as the Estonian and Finland governments are still unsettled about the Abramia Government corruption within  President General Dragan government but over the past few years key meetings between the Prime ministers and President General Dragan has helped diplomatic relations between the countries which is what allowed Estonia’s President Kersti Kaljulaid to agree to the US Forces using their small island off the coast of Abramia, in return of a future favor…