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  • Operation Exercise Yellow Carrot




    Deployable Units:

    • 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division "Spartans"
      • Alpha Company, First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg, 3rd Infantry Division
      • 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
    • 12th "Bolesław Krzywousty Szczecin" Mechanized Division
      • 12th Mechanized Brigade, 3rd Mechanized Battalion, Bravo Company
    • 22nd Special Air Service Regiment
      • D Squadron

    Territory Name:
    Poland covers roughly 312 700 km^2 and with a population of 38 million that gives it relatively mediocre population density when compared to other European countries.

    Territory Intel:
    Western Poland, where we will be operating, provides a very nice and varied environment for training. The region has the distinct lowlands and small hills found across Europe, while still offering a mountainous region to the North. With an average elevation of 173 metres the temperature never gets too hot or too cold during the year.
    Some exercises will be taking place close to the Tatra Mountain Range with its highest peak of Mount Rysy and a height of 2499 meters.
    The terrain is heavy with farmland and relatively free of dense forests. This leads to longer average lines of sights and overall longer distance engagements. What civilian centers exist have been freed up for the exercise and even some have been constructed.


    Background Timeline

    January 2020
    While the 2020 pandemic situation was in full swing the “Multinational Corps Northeast” decided that with lower civilian presence outside it would be a good opportunity to do some exercises in the region.

    October 2020
    By October the first set of exercises was being conducted close to the German border, with a 4 way coalition force of Polish, Romanian, US and British soldiers. The training exercise proved very successful and it was decided to extend its length into 2021 and possibly 2022.


    February 2021
    Since February 2021 First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg, 3rd Infantry Division and 3rd Mechanized Battalion, 12th Brigade, 12th Mechanized Division have been rotating companies in the joint Exercise known as Yellow Carrot, allegedly named by a squad of British commandos during the first week of the exercise in October 2020.

    September 2021
    “A small border crossing incident happened close to the region of Roche, where a US motorized convoy crossed into Germany and occupied a small village for 2 hours before local police showed up and tried to mediate the situation. Unfortunately 2LT P.Dick of the 3rd Infantry Division was not being cooperative as he was sure this was his objective. After 3 hours of further negotiation and calls the mistake was cleared up. The German government has promised to help out it’s NATO friends and provide 1000 new German compasses to the United States Army Officer Corps.”
    -This was an extract from a Polish newspaper from a few months ago. All coalition forces are advised to keep track of their positions and not needlessly cross into Germany during Exercise Yellow Carrot.


    Main Story Line

    On the 5th of December 2021 Alpha Company, First Battalion 30th Infantry Reg, 3rd Infantry Division is being deployed in Roche, Poland to partake in exercise Yellow carrot. The goal of this exercise is to train on conventional warfare in the European theater.