Assignment Order


To: Officer Candidate Jannes Drake
From: Major J.LaFlash
Unit: Military Entrance Processing Station, MEPS

You have been reassigned for combat duty.

Effective Date: 03/02/20 01:40
Expire / End Date: Until Further Ordered

You have been assigned to Alpha Company, First Platoon, Second Squad, 2/1/A-CO, 1-2IN as Fireteam Leader.
Your assigned supervisor is John LaFlash.

Assignment to a combat unit is a duty that comes with many responsibilities. The soldiers serving alongside you count on you to fulfill your obligations. Fulfillment of your obligations and responsibilities entails that you notify the unit of upcoming absences and request a leave of absence in advance; that you will serve as a committed soldier in combat operations; that you will respect the chain of command; that you will carry out your mission first and foremost and consider yourself and your statistics last; and that you not only reflect well on your combat unit, but on the 3rd Infantry Division as a whole. Much is expected from you, but we are confident that you will exceed those expectations.

Major John LaFlash