• Corporal Arthur Pendergast

  • Timeline

    • Enlistment Date
    • Induction Date
    • Time In Service
      5 months and 1 day
    • Promotion Date
    • Time In Grade
      2 months and 5 days
    • Reported In
    • Timezone
Date Name Attachments
Qualified with Rifle (M16A2): Expert
Expert Infantryman Badge Qualified
Air Assault Qualified
68W Combat Medic Qualified
Airborne Qualified
Combat Lifesaver Qualified
Land Navigation Qualified
Qualified with GL (M203): Expert
Qualified with AR (M249): Sustained Fire
Qualified with AT4 (M136): Expert
Qualified with Grenade (M67): Expert
Qualified with Pistol (M9): Expert
Qualified with Rifle (M16A2): Expert