• Corporal Hunter Hannaford

  • Timeline

    • Enlistment Date
    • Induction Date
    • Time In Service
      6 months and 13 days
    • Promotion Date
    • Time In Grade
      2 months and 19 days
    • Reported In
    • Timezone
Date Service Record  
Recruiting and Rettention Office - Hired as Recruiter
Awarded the Good Conduct Medal, GCM
Promoted to Corporal
Awarded the Operation Freedom Sentinel Service Ribbon
Awarded the Valorous Unit Award, VUA
Awarded the NCO Professional Development Ribbon, NCODEV
Awarded the Army Commendation Medal, ACM
Graduated Warrior Leaders Course (Class 18-09)
Promoted to Specialist
Promoted to Private First Class
Re-instated as Private Second Class
Awarded the Marksmanship Badge (Expert)
Awarded the Army Service Ribbon, ASR
Completed Basic Combat Training (Class 18 - 30)
General Discharge
Promoted to Private First Class
Awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB
Promoted to Private Second Class
Enlisted with the 3rd Infantry Division
Inducted as a Recruit
Awarded the Army Service Ribbon, ASR
Awarded the Marksmanship Badge (Expert)
Completed Basic Combat Training (Class 18-02)