• Corporal Dominik Toplak

  • Timeline

    • Enlistment Date
    • Induction Date
    • Time In Service
      4 months and 16 days
    • Promotion Date
    • Time In Grade
      12 days and 11 hours
    • Reported In
    • Timezone
Date Service Record Attachments
Combat Imaging and Documentation: Hired as NCOIC (25/21X)
Awarded the Air Assault Badge
Awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal, JSAM
Promoted to Corporal
Graduated Air Assault School (Class 20-01)
Combat Imaging and Documentation: Hired as Uniform Updater (21Y)
Combat Imaging and Documentation: Hired as Multimedia Illustrator (25M)
Awarded the Army Commendation Medal, ACM
Awarded the Combat Medical Badge
Awarded the Good Conduct Medal, GCM
Promoted to Specialist
Promoted to Private First Class
Awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB
Recruiting and Retention Office: Hired as Recruiter (79R)
Promoted to Private Second Class
Completed One Station Unit Training (Class 20-12)
Awarded the Marksmanship Badge (Expert)
Awarded the Army Service Ribbon, ASR

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