• Private First Class Anthony Tyree

  • Timeline

    • Enlistment Date
    • Induction Date
    • Time In Service
      2 months and 11 days
    • Promotion Date
    • Time In Grade
      1 month and 9 days
    • Reported In
    • Timezone
Date Service Record Attachments
Leave of Absence approved, expected return date: 07/31/2020
Promoted to Private First Class
Awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, CIB
Awarded the U.S. Army Ranger Tab
Graduated Ranger School with 173rd Airborne (Class 20-01)
Completed One Station Unit Training (Class 20 - 19)
Awarded the Marksmanship Badge (Expert)
Awarded the Army Service Ribbon, ASR
Promoted to Private Second Class

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