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  1. SFC G.Beaudoin

    Unites States Army NGSW upgrade for the 3rd?

    I will admit, with transitioning to using the Badger IFV (base arma 'Marshall') it would be logistically suitable to use this weapon.
  2. SFC G.Beaudoin

    AIT Class #18-75 (ARMA)

    ARMA 3 OSUT AIT training
  3. SFC G.Beaudoin

    BCT Class #18-77 (ARMA)

    Arma 3 OSUT BCT Training.
  4. SFC G.Beaudoin

    BCT Class #18-73 (ARMA)

    ARMA OSUT BCT training course
  5. SFC G.Beaudoin

    AIT class #18-71-2 (ARMA)

    ARMA OSUT AIT training event